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    If you are shopping for durable kitchen appliances here in San Diego, Lars Appliance Showroom should be your next stop. We boast a wide selection of premium kitchen appliances, including reliable Zephyr appliances that are known for their creative & functional designs. Whether you’re looking for famous Zephyr range hoods or wine and beverage coolers, we’ve got you covered. Visit our appliance center today, or check out our rich offer online.

    Pick a Zephyr appliance with a long tradition

    Zephyr Appliances has started as a family-owned business and, for over twenty years, its products have been pioneers in design and innovation. Its premium kitchen options are designed to match the specific needs of its customers. Zephyr’s quality of work is one that can integrate well into any remodel you have planned for your San Diego home.

    Revolutionary Zephyr units that fit all kitchens

    This brand is known for its impeccable design options. Their kitchen units that exude an adventurous spirit and inspire experiences that create an emotional impact. Not hesitating to push boundaries, Zephyr has created advanced solutions in the ventilation category and beyond. This company aims for breakthroughs even when others stay stagnant, keeping their clients’ needs front and center.

    Explore a wide range of Zephyr kitchen appliances

    If you want to revamp your San Diego kitchen with Zephyr appliances, visit us here at Lars Appliances Showroom. You may choose between a tall and full-sized Dual Zone wine cooler, under cabinet coolers as well as dual door and single-zone coolers. The brand’s beverage coolers come in black stainless steel and you can either opt for single coolers or dual French door coolers. They are perfect for kitchen islands, wet bar remodels, or outdoor kitchens. There are also Zephyr range hoods for virtually every kitchen. Some of them include the lift downdraft vent that rises up behind the range. The inclined wall vent is one that is set in the ceiling that lays flat contributing to a chic modern design. There are also hanging vents that are more traditional and frequently seen in everyday kitchens.

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      Frequently asked questions

      Zephyr is an esteemed kitchen appliance brand and its high-powered, design-driven range hoods are what makes it stand out from the crowd. They come in different sizes & styles, constructed to fit your every kitchen design need. 

      What’s more, Zephyr beverage coolers are one more reason why this brand is considered to be one of the leading kitchen appliance brands currently available on the market. Their cutting-edge technology ensures accurate temperature control necessary to maintain adequate conditions for proper wine & beer storage.

      Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we will be happy to introduce you to our rich offer of Zephyr appliances and help you select the right ones for your stylish home.

      As one of the leading appliance showrooms in San Diego and the area, we have been selling range hoods from a variety of different brands. Throughout the process, we have learned that what defines “the best” are YOUR needs. Every brand has unique features and advantages, but it’s you who should determine what qualities you’re looking for in your appliances.

      Zephyr range hoods have definitely earned their place among the top range hood brands across the U.S. due to their functional & unique style solutions. Here at Lars Appliance Showroom, our skilled professionals will be there to answer all your questions and assist you in figuring out what type of range hood would be the most adequate for your modern San Diego kitchen.

      Keeping your kitchen appliances well-maintained will allow you to get the most out of them and ensure that they have a long lifespan. The same goes for your Zephyr range hood baffle filters. You should clean them regularly in order to maintain high blower efficiency and avoid having to deal with clogged ducts and creating a fire hazard. It’s best to use non-abrasive soap, or if needed, soak them in a grease remover.

      If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your Zephyr range hood maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we pride ourselves on our follow-through approach since our services don’t end after the sale. Our crew of appliance specialists is at your disposal.

      If you are searching for the best Zephyr wine & beverage coolers, range hoods, or some other efficient Zephyr products, count on our well-equipped showroom in San Diego to make your kitchen design vision come true. We are located in the Kearny Mesa community, not far away from the fascinating Mission Trails Regional Park. In addition to Zephyr kitchen appliances, we sell a number of other renowned brands. Here is what you can find in our store:   

      Want to revitalize your San Diego kitchen? Contact us today and uncover all the benefits of Zephyr appliances.

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