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    Specialty Wood Stone Appliances in San Diego

    Known for their dedication to engineering expertise and advanced construction techniques, the Wood Stone Corp. has been the leader in specialized cooking equipment ever since 1990. The brand specializes in manufacturing commercial stone hearth ovens as well as smaller models for homeowners who want to have professional-grade cooking equipment for their indoor or outdoor kitchen. If this sounds like you, you can find the best from Wood Stone at the Lars Appliance Showroom.

    Get a Wood Stone oven and enjoy professional-quality pizza

    San Diego restaurant owners and homeowners alike have relied on Wood Stone for three decades for high-quality pizza-making ovens for both commercial and residential applications. The brand is known for its relentless dedication to technological innovation and exceptional attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Ever since its inception, Wood Stone has worked hard to provide homeowners and professional chefs with reliable and durable cooking equipment.

    Enhance your San Diego kitchen with professional-grade ovens

    If you wish to enhance your outdoor or indoor cooking area by adding a beautiful wood or gas-fired stone hearth oven, you’re unlikely to find a better brand than Wood Stone. At our showroom in San Diego, we offer a wide array of Wood Stone ovens and other cooking equipment for your home or restaurant. Our dedicated staff can advise you on different models and help you incorporate your new oven into your San Diego kitchen remodel without hassle.

    Browse top-quality Wood Stone appliances

    Whether you’re looking for a stone hearth oven, charbroiler, rotisserie, or another piece of equipment, Lars Appliances Showroom is the right place. Here you can find a wide scope of precision-crafted Wood Stone models, which will help you prepare mouth-watering recipes more easily than ever.

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      Over the years, Wood Stone has remained fully committed to ensuring the high quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. Their pizza ovens, charbroilers, and rotisseries are designed to ensure reliable performance and functionality, combining traditional cooking methods with modern technology.
      With assistance from the design professionals at the Lars Appliance Showroom, you can experience the unique cooking experience that Wood Stone appliances bring. Our staff will rely on their vast knowledge of kitchen remodeling and appliance design to make sure your new cooking equipment meets your needs and fits into your San Diego kitchen perfectly.

      If you are a pizza lover, you are bound to enjoy all Wood Stone products. The brand is loved by both commercial and residential customers thanks to their success in creating pizza-making equipment characterized by high value and premium cooking results. Incorporating a Wood Stone oven into your kitchen renovation project is a great way to experience professional cooking quality and get creative with combining traditional and state-of-the-art designs.

      As an extension of their commercial line, Wood Stone offers two main configurations of pizza ovens for homeowners. Both of these models come in wood, gas, and wood and gas combo options, and offer a blend of high technology, innovation, and premium design.

      Wood Stone Bistro Home Oven

      If you are looking for a stylish pizza oven that offers professional-grade performance, the Bistro series would be an excellent choice. Whether you’re looking for an oven for your outdoor kitchen or an indoor cooking area, the Bistro Home Oven will enhance both the visual appeal and the functionality of your space.

      Wood Stone Mountain Home Oven

      Thanks to its beautiful stainless steel design, the Mountain Home Oven can fit into any kitchen decor, adding a touch of style to your space. What’s more, the oven also has customizable facades that may include stonework or brickwork and also offers a variety of built-in options.

      Not sure if your kitchen needs a high-performance pizza oven? While you can achieve great results with many other types of ovens we offer at the Lars Appliance Showroom, Wood Stone appliances definitely stand out when it comes to making great pizza. Here’s what sets these ovens apart:

      • Significantly higher temperatures that can cook your pizza much faster;
      • Pizza ovens don’t dry out the crust, leaving it moist on the inside and crisp on the outside;
      • The smoke from gas-fired and wood-fired ovens provides an enhanced flavor;

      Wood Stone pizza ovens are a fantastic choice for all pizza lovers in San Diego. If you feel like your kitchen remodel would benefit from high-tech cooking equipment, reach out to the expert staff at Lars Appliances and take your pick from our selection of Wood Stone products.

      No matter what your kitchen remodeling ideas may be, you are sure to find the perfect appliances at our Lars Appliance Showroom in Kearny Mesa. In addition to Wood Stone products, we are an authorized seller of a vast array of innovative kitchen appliances for your home in San Diego, including:

      If you want to be able to delight your family and friends with pizza that can match the best restaurants in Downtown San Diego, give us a call today.

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