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When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the refrigerator is one of the crucial components of the new facelift. However, with so many refrigerator options available on the market today, choosing the right fit for your kitchen can be overwhelming. Luckily, the design specialists at the Lars Appliance Showroom can help you find the perfect refrigeration option for your home in San Diego.

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At our Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we carry high-quality appliances from some of the best brands in the appliance industry, including Miele, Jenn-Air, Sub-Zero & Wolf, True Residential and other leading refrigerator manufacturers. Thanks to our vast experience in kitchen remodeling and design, we can provide valuable guidance to our customers and aid them in the process of choosing an appliance that complements their kitchen layout and adds convenience to their lifestyle.

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With our top-of-the-line refrigeration system, your drinks will stay perfectly chilled, giving you the ultimate cooling experience. Featuring well-known brands like Miele, JennAir, and True, you’ll get a sleek beverage center, high-performance wine fridge and the most energy-efficient ice machine in San Diego. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you every step of the selection process, making sure you find a model that fits your space, tastes, and budget.

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Because Lars is an authorized seller of a top-performing refrigerators, you can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, finishes, and other aesthetic features that will match the design of your kitchen. All of these products have highly functional, cutting-edge features, including different door configurations, drawer and shelving types, ice dispensers, and more. Your new unit will also give you a considerable energy efficiency boost.

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    Refrigeration comes in all shapes and sizes and employs various technologies to ensure your food stays cool and fresh. So, what kind of refrigerator should you get when you start your kitchen remodeling experience? We will break it down for you here:

    Refrigerator only

    If you have a small kitchen, this option would probably be the best choice for your space. Column refrigerator sizes start at 24” and go all the way up to 30”. These refrigerators come with an exposed stainless steel finish or panel-ready so you can match your cabinetry throughout your kitchen.

    Quad door

    A quad door refrigerator is one of the new and modern designs on the market. Quad doors provide ample space for organizing your food and allow you to customize the cooling temperatures in each individual section.

    French door

    French door refrigerators are probably the most common option for homeowners. Their sleek and innovative design is perfect for large families, allowing you to easily store, sort and access food. The storage bins provide easy access and allow for simple cleaning, while the cantilevered shelving also gives you more storage options.

    Refrigerator with bottom freezer

    This is also a common selection for those who want their refrigerator to have a freezer. The bottom freezer door is spacious and can hold various frozen foods. The top section is all refrigeration. This section is still spacious enough to hold all your produce and have organizational drawers inside.

    Under counter

    Refrigerators can now go under the counter, too. Under-cabinet refrigeration is a growing trend which brings innovative design and functionality to your kitchen. These refrigerators are perfect for storing wines and spirits next to the wet bar area or wiping up a delicious meal with the ingredients on hand when installed by the stove. However you wish to design it, this option is available and ready to go.


    If you want your kitchen to have a freezing option, you can have a stand-alone freezer installed right next to your refrigerator. These freezers can come in several configurations, with chest and upright options being the most common.

    When redesigning your kitchen, selecting a refrigerator should be one of the first steps you take. Purchasing the appliances first will help you fit cabinetry and other specialties as well as eliminate ideas or add more space depending on your selection. Here’s what you should also consider when choosing a refrigerator:

    • Size: make sure to carefully measure your available space to make sure your new refrigerator can fit. If you’re replacing an existing refrigerator, you can measure it to determine the right size.
    • Style: depending on your specific needs, browse through the different available refrigerator options to determine which configuration would fit your kitchen the best and meet the needs of your household.
    • Position: if you want to be able to conveniently load your groceries when you return from the supermarket, positioning your refrigerator next to your kitchen counters would be the most practical idea. This will also depend on your specific preferences.
    • Capacity: this is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a refrigerator. Make sure to pick the refrigeration capacity depending on the size of your household and your eating habits.

    If you are looking for a refrigerator for sale, you’re probably wondering what the best refrigerator brands are. This is not an easy answer to give as we have been working with multiple great refrigeration brands for so long. At Lars Appliance Showroom, we carry fantastic refrigeration options from all the top brands in the industry, including Jenn-Air, Sub-Zero superb models like pro48 , Miele, Perlick Fisher & Paykel, GE Cafe, Marvel, ilve, Beko, Bloomberg, and refined True refrigerator solutions.

    Which refrigerator you choose for your home in San Diego will depend on your individual preferences and needs. Only you can know which option would be the best fit for your kitchen, and we can help you bring your design vision to life by providing expert guidance during the selection process.

    Whether you’re looking for a modern quad-door refrigerator for your apartment in Little Italy or a stand-alone freezer for your residence near Mission Trails Regional Park, the Lars Appliance Showroom is the place to be. We offer the largest selection of kitchen appliances in San Diego and its surroundings, including quality ventilation systems, efficient standard and built-in microwaves, and a wide variety of dishwashing options. Give us a call and start bringing your kitchen design vision to life!