Pro-Level Ventilation for Your San Diego Kitchen

When it comes to ventilation in a kitchen remodel and having a ventilation system set up in your kitchen, you will want to go over your ventilation options carefully. Whether you have ambitious culinary endeavors in mind for your San Diego kitchen or just can’t stand lingering smoke and odors, a functional ventilation system is an essential kitchen element. Because this is a vital part of a kitchen remodel, there are many brands that the Lars Remodeling Showroom carries and can install in your next remodel.

Bringing innovative technology to your kitchen in San Diego

If you are remodeling your brand new kitchen, you need to focus on brands that promise functionality and durability. These include Jenn-Air, Wolf, Miele, Zephyr, Vent-a-hood, Fisher & Paykel, GE Cafe, Elica, Verona, ilve, and Abbaka. The best time to select your ventilation options is right at the beginning of your project.
Once you decide if you want a predominant hood or something more discreet, we can move on to the next stage in the process. This will help set the tone of your project and help you decide how to proceed in terms of element selection and overall kitchen design.

Ventilate your kitchen in a way that complements its design

Ventilation doesn’t just keep the air in your kitchen space clean. It protects the kitchen from oils, ensuring your cabinetry and furniture stays in pristine condition. It accentuates appliances, with carefully considered lighting designed to make the cooking experience a beautiful one. Our staff members will help you choose an expert-crafted ventilation system, perfectly paired with your cooktop and your kitchen layout and design.

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    It goes without saying that no San Diego kitchen remodel is complete without appliances and gadgets designed to make your life easier and your cooking experience exquisite. But one thing that people tend to forget is that kitchens get messy from smoke, grease, food, heat and water. All these appliances produce heat and odors, and nobody wants that in their kitchen.

    An effective ventilation system is an essential part of your kitchen as it helps to keep the heat and the odor from all the other appliances away. It also protects the kitchen surfaces from damage and grime build-up.

    Every kitchen needs a functional ventilation system since it:

    • Lessens smells and odors,
    • Minimizes condensation and grease deposits,
    • Reduces toxic emissions,
    • Helps improve air quality and circulation.

    We will help you choose a ventilation system that will suit the needs of your kitchen space down to the last detail, in accordance with its size, layout and design. We offer a wide range of cooker hoods and kitchen extractor fans, all from reputable manufacturers.

    When choosing a kitchen cooker hood, here are the most important aspects to focus on:

    • Noise,
    • Extraction power,
    • Width,
    • Height,
    • Lights,
    • Cleaning,
    • Features.

    Lars Appliance Showroom only works with reputable manufacturers such as Jenn-Air, Wolf, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, GE Cafe, to name a few. All these manufacturers offer unique ventilation solutions for the modern kitchen.

    Jenn-Air: a ventilation system for any needs

    Jenn-Air offers commercial ventilation. This style prevails with a brushed stainless steel finish that underscores your affairs. Wall Mount Ventilation includes a hood that will blend seamlessly into your kitchen as a swirling vortex captures, scrubs and recirculates the air quietly. If your cooktop is on an island then Jenn-Air’s Island Mount Ventilation provides optimal proximity to the cooking surface below, allowing for efficient ventilation. Downdraft ventilation has a minimal design that meets ventilation power to accommodate precise cooking needs. The downdraft vent effortlessly appears at the lightest touch to unleash performance.

    Wolf ventilation: as powerful as they sound

    Wolf appliances have many powerful multi-speed blowers to whisk away smoke and odors, along with halogen lighting to elegantly illuminate cooking areas, Wolf ventilation offers a vast array of useful, attractive options engineered to enhance any kitchen design.

    No matter your particular design or application, Wolf has the ventilation solution for you. Select from 24 to 66-inch sizes to fit your cooktop and specific HVAC needs. Wolf’s offer includes:

    • Wall Hoods,
    • Island Hoods,
    • Downdrafts,
    • Hoodliners,
    • Ceiling Hoods, and
    • Outdoor ventilation.

    Miele Appliances: ventilate your kitchen with German precision

    Miele Appliances Ventilation hoods are indispensable: The ventilation hood is an essential part of your kitchen. It ensures good air quality and filters out grease and odors. What’s more, it looks good too – with a wide range of designs and models available, you are sure to find the right one to suit your needs and your kitchen. Miele has various ventilation options including wall hoods, island hoods, ceiling extractors, built-in hoods, and downdrafts.

    Upgrade your kitchen with a Fisher & Paykel ventilation system

    Fisher & Paykel are all about the clean design. The considered design elements of Fisher & Paykel range hoods are immediately apparent. Mirroring the aesthetics and dimensions of cooktops and ranges in their style, these paired products are a showcase of symmetry and balance. Choose a range hood that complements your cooktop, with exceptional airflow, full surface lighting and edge-to-edge extraction performance to match.

    Fisher & Paykel’s flagship Insert Range Hood is both a refined kitchen feature in its own right and one that accentuates the appliances it pairs with. Cleaning is made simple, with grease trays that are built into the dishwasher safe stainless steel filters. Designed to fit seamlessly into the kitchen surrounds with no visible fixings, and edge-to-edge surface lighting that illuminates the full cooking surface, these paired products are a showcase of symmetry and balance.

    Fisher & Paykel offers flexible design for any kitchen style

    The great thing about ventilation from Fisher & Paykel is that you can choose ventilation that is hidden or out in the open. The range hood can be used to draw out and extend the design features of other kitchen appliances, or can be hidden behind cabinetry to give a more minimal aesthetic.

    Overhead range hoods provide exceptional edge-to-edge ventilation performance, with the option to be a design showpiece of the kitchen or integrate into kitchen cabinetry. Downdraft ventilation is hidden underbench and extracts from beside the cooking surface, making it the perfect solution for island cooktops.

    Fisher & Paykel range hoods are designed to match, to fit perfectly, and to add to the overall aesthetic of the home. They both extend the style of cooking appliances from floor to ceiling and communicate their own design cues to create a kitchen that is convenient and beautiful.

    GE Cafe: a fantastic choice for ventilation

    Keep your kitchen air clean with a range hood that fits your unique kitchen style. Café commercial-style vent hoods complement our ranges and cooktops with matching finishes. Use them for ductless range venting or with exterior ventilation systems.

    Our wall mount range hoods and chimneys create a sleek, modern look above your stove and can be used as ceiling-mounted island hoods. Café kitchen ventilation makes your cooking space look as good as it smells. GE Cafe is still young and doesn’t have many options but the options they have are very modern and unique.

    A handy microwave oven for when you need a quick pick-me-up? Check. A high-tech dishwasher to declutter the kitchen in your San Diego home at the push of a button? Check. A sophisticated range that will make cooking pleasurable? Check.

    We have everything for your kitchen, including the latest ventilation options. Our approachable staff members will put effort and time into adapting your kitchen remodel to your needs and preferences in terms of practicality and functionality.