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    Indulge Yourself with MTI Bathtubs in San Diego

    Whether you’re into the good old-fashioned American style and timeless classics or prefer the sleek innovative design for the contemporary look of your San Diego bathroom, MTI is the brand for you. It combines uncompromising commitment to quality workmanship with unwavering dedication to inventive solutions. Aside from shower bases, tubs and sinks, MTI boasts specialty products: luxury baths, jetted laundry sinks, walk-in sinks, foot spas and even pet spas for your dog, as well as tailor-made options.

    MTI bathroom fixtures: we make your ideas come to life

    The MTI designer team is focused on innovation. They employ an intuitive approach to design and never fail to come up with creative solutions that simply belong in the modern bathroom. Their products combine practicality and functionality without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Here at Lars, you will find all that, as well as expedient customer service and fast turn-around so you can have your dream San Diego bathroom without delays.

    Customize your bathroom to suit your lifestyle

    A long bath in a soothing, beautiful setting after a day filled with responsibilities and drudgery? MTI is renowned for its dedication to providing diverse customization and configuration options to achieve a level of comfort that is optimized to your needs and preferences. As an authorized seller, Lars carries a wide variety of MTI products that have been made with you and your day-to-day living in mind. With its focus on customization, MTI allows you to pave the way for the ultimate personalized bathing experience and make your bathroom your safe haven.

    Create an authentic bathroom look with ease and simplicity

    MTI allows you to create an authentic bathroom look with its matching bathtubs, sinks and shower bases. The manufacturer offers different collections and various accessories, designed to be simple and easy to implement in any bathroom design, size and layout. You can order an MTI boutique shower base and pick your other fixtures accordingly, or choose a semi-recessed lavatory sink as the centerpiece and use that as your starting point.

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      Frequently asked questions

      MTI boasts multiple collections:

      • MTI Basics®,
      • MTI Wellness,
      • Boutique collection,
      • Designer collection.

      The manufacturer offers its customers the opportunity to order fully tailored bathroom fixtures executed with attention to detail. For instance, all MTI counter-sinks are completely customizable in terms of length, depth and deck height, as well as bowl position (center, right or left) and number of bowls (single or double bowl).

      Whether you’re eyeing one of our freestanding MTI baths or any other item from our collection, it’s good to know that all our products are made right here in the USA, and this has been the case since the company’s humble beginnings. MTI has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

      MTI has always been committed to catering to customers’ needs and market demand, as well as accepting innovation and embracing change. As one of the pioneers in the design-driven bathroom fixtures industry, MTI has also created what has been dubbed the industry’s most creative, exciting and experiential training program. Another noteworthy detail that sets this manufacturer apart from the rest is that the company is now employee-owned, which seldom happens in the business world.

      At Lars Appliance Showroom, we are proud to offer MTI products, and MTI is especially proud of the fact that all its products are:

      • Made in the USA,
      • Made to order,
      • Handcrafted by artisans.

      MTI combines advanced technology with innovative design to bring its consumers high-quality products and a greater level of indulgence:

      • Air bath systems,
      • Fill-Flush and Jentle Jet laundry systems,
      • Convenient hydrotherapy packages which can be pre-configured in one of the 12 existing configurations or customized to your preferences,
      • Wellness program,
      • Trademark microbubbles technology.

      You can also opt for various options and accessories for added comfort:

      • Grab bars,
      • Radiance® shower base heating systems,
      • Integral armrests,
      • Virtual spout.

      Our associates will readily guide you through the MTI selection of products available at Lars Appliance Showroom.

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