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    Gorgeous BainUltra Bathtubs in San Diego

    Another gem from Lars Appliance Showroom collection, BainUltra bathtubs will take your bathing experience to a spa level. These beloved units are manufactured to the highest industry standards and can be found in boutique hotels and five-star spa centers. Now, thanks to Lars Appliance Showroom, you have an opportunity to introduce these high-quality models to your home in San Diego.

    Superior quality & craftsmanship of BainUltra tubs

    When adding a BainUltra bathtub to your San Diego home, you’re investing in a high level of craftsmanship and effortless beauty. This brand is synonymous with style and sophistication as its units are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. What’s more, more than 70% of BainUltra bathtub design and manufacturing is done by hand. So, visit Lars Appliance Showroom and discover the artistry of BainUltra freestanding and built-in tubs.

    Therapeutic BainUltra bathtubs for total relaxation

    One of the distinct features of BainUltra therapy tubs is their therapeutic design that features strategically positioned air jets and a 600-watt turbine. Such a powerful design is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy relaxing massage sessions that will target the acupressure points in the body. BainUltra tubs from our collection in San Diego typically feature an inverted V backrest for the neck and back massage and a raised seat for the leg massage. Visit us today!

    Sustainable development of BainUltra bathtubs in San Diego

    At the very core of BanUltra development and manufacturing processes lies a tendency toward maintaining a sense of inner wellness and connectedness with the world around us. This is why BainUltra bathtubs are designed following the principles of sustainability and eco-friendliness. By choosing a BainUltra freestanding bathtub in San Diego, you choose a design dedicated to your well-being and the preservation of the natural environment. Make the right choice for your health and the natural world – choose BainUltra tubs from our collection!

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      Frequently asked questions

      If you’re looking into BainUltra bathtubs in San Diego, you will find a variety of elegant styles and designs made from a highly durable acrylic material. BainUltra tubs feature simple, yet effective acrylic designs and finishes that offer:
      Easy, hassle-free maintenance
      A high level of hygiene as they are non-porous
      A durable, long-lasting design that is highly resistant
      Lightweight tubs that can be easily installed and moved
      Quality finishes that come in glossy and matte variants
      Easy integration of bath therapy options thanks to an adjustable assembly

      As an authorized seller, Lars Appliance Showroom offers a versatile selection of BainUltra tubs that reflect a variety of personal styles and bathroom designs. Our San Diego team is here to assist you with anything you need and help you choose a tub design that you’ll love.

      Visiting Lars Appliance Showroom and picking one of the modern BainUltra bathtubs in San Diego will allow you to enrich your bathing experience. You can choose one of the 6 available therapy sessions:

      1. Hydro-thermo massage that uses jets to deliver acupressure-based massage, helping you reduce tension and relax muscles while also eliminating toxins from your body.
      2. BainUltra chromatherapy entails the use of colorful lights for therapeutic purposes during your bathing massage session. This brand offers six colors for complete physical and mental relaxation.
      3. Aromatherapy integrated within a particular BainUltra unit will help you relieve stress and anxiety while also strengthening your immune system, using diffused or distilled essential oils.
      4. Light therapy is available through BainUltra’s Vedana unit that uses light systems to help you achieve a physical and psychological balance. It can benefit your mood and ability to concentrate through 10-minute daily exposure.
      5. Thermotherapy is another available therapeutic option with BainUltra. The brand uses advanced technology with three heating zones that are integrated within a tub, providing total body relaxation.
      6. Sound therapy is a great way to relieve stress and improve your mood, especially when paired with a relaxing bathing experience provided by BainUltra. The models that use sound therapy have integrated sound systems that play music at different frequencies and wavelengths for relaxing, molecule-modifying vibration

      Start enhancing your self-care sessions by visiting Lars Appliance Showroom and picking your own BainUltra therapy tub in San Diego. Our team will provide you with all the important information on available models and types of therapies, so you can choose one that will benefit you the most.

      Lars Appliance Showroom brings you a carefully curated selection of BainUltra tubs that boast five-star reviews. At our store, you can find:
      Virtually controlled tubs that you can access from your mobile phone;
      Unique therapeutic baths that bring relaxation, appeal, and value;
      Classic and modern designs that guarantee elegance and style;
      Black and white tubs for a minimalist bathroom flair;
      Quartz bathtubs with a subdued patterned design.
      We can help assess your needs and pick a BainUltra tub that will perfectly complement your current bathroom design. You can discuss your options and take a look at available BainUltra bathtubs in San Diego at our fully equipped showroom.

      Located in Kearny Mesa, slightly off Cabrillo Freeway, Lars Appliance Showroom is a well-equipped bathroom fixture store in San Diego, offering some of the most popular brands to local residents. Our collection includes a variety of BainUltra tubs, as well as other brands that will introduce a sense of luxury to your bathroom.

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