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    House of Rohl Bathroom Faucets & Showers in San Diego

    Want to uplift your bathroom and revitalize your home with durable ROHL faucets and showers? Visit Lars Appliance Showroom here in San Diego and explore our amazing selection of high-quality bathroom appliances. Whether you’re interested in House of Rohl toilets, showers, sinks, or bathroom faucets, our skillful team of appliance experts will walk you through our offer and help you select the right products for your home.

    Learn about the inspiring ROHL journey

    In 1983 Ken Rohl came across a pull-out faucet in Europe and, being amazed by its functional design, decided to bring it to California and present it to the kitchen and bathroom designers from the area. This event marks the beginning of what is now known as House of Rohl. Ever since that moment, the company has continuously been at the forefront of the kitchen and bathroom fixture industry, crafting innovative, state-of-the-art faucets and showers.

    Embrace the uniqueness of House of Rohl showers & bathroom faucets

    If you’re seeking lasting quality, House of Rohl is your best choice. The authentic designs of this brand, the use of genuine materials that are sourced regionally, and excellent craftsmanship are the main qualities that distinguish this brand from the rest. Drop by our San Diego showroom, and explore a selection of Rohl’s bathroom faucets, showers, sinks, and other pieces that truly capture the essence and enduring legacy of the brand.

    Choose your favorite bath collection

    House of Rohl offers contemporary bathroom faucets, convenient showers, functional bathtub fillers/hand sprays, bath sinks, sustainable toilets, and fun bath accessories. They come in different styles, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to fit them perfectly into your San Diego bathroom arrangement. Whatever your desires may be, Lars Appliance Showroom will do its best to fulfill them and leave you entirely satisfied.

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      Frequently asked questions

      The thoughtfully curated and carefully built collection of House of Rohl bathroom faucets, showers, and accessories has become one of the most sought-after and attractive solutions for bathroom renovation projects around the world. These very special products are made in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, and North America, and you can get them right here in San Diego, in your trusted Lars Appliance Showroom.

      Numerous reviews have singled out and praised the impeccable design of Rohl faucets that is characterized by the perfect combination of straight lines and subtle curves that create a nice, balanced look. On top of that, Rohl bathroom faucets are well-known for their high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials that contribute to the longevity of these units and provide their users with security and convenience.

      Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we sell a variety of Rohl faucets and will ensure that you pick the right one for your bathroom. You just need to share your expectations with us and we will do everything in our power to live up to them.

      Choosing an adequate toilet is essential if you want to boost the appeal and functionality of your bathroom. Here at Lars Appliance Showroom, our experts will draw your attention to different design aspects and special features of ROHL toilets to help you make your final decision. Here is what you should consider before going through with the purchase:

      • The water-saving quality of the toilet. Water conservation is an extremely important aspect of your bathroom design that shouldn’t be overlooked under any circumstances. If you’re set on increasing the sustainability of your bathroom and decreasing your water bills, a low-flush ROHL toilet will definitely get you there.
      • The style of your bathroom. Elongated bowls of ROHL toilets may further contribute to a modern and sensible look of your San Diego bathroom. On the other hand, more traditional designs can help you preserve the authenticity of your rustically designed home. What you’ll go with will depend on your personal preferences, as well as the rest of the decor. You should focus on introducing new elements without disrupting the flow of the overall design.
      • The budget. In order to determine your budget, it’s best to explore the market first and familiarize yourself with available price ranges. At Lars Appliance Showroom, we will present you with all the options that give a lot of bang for the buck.
      • The size of the toilet. You may prefer an elongated toilet bowl, but if your bathroom is not big enough, you should look into possible alternatives. For instance, a round bowl might be a great option for everyone who wants to save some space and utilize it for other items. In our showroom, we boast a variety of ROHL toilets of different sizes and shapes that can fit into every bathroom layout.
      • The right flushing system. This is a crucial aspect of every toilet design and here at Lars we will explain to you the differences between various flushing system options and make sure to provide you with a water-saving toilet that works well.
      • And similar.

      As one of the leading bathroom fixture brands in the world, Rohl takes great pride in its shower collection. You can finally enjoy the full comfort of spa showers manufactured with square and circular anti-calcium rain showerheads, and take your showering experience to the next level.

      Your reliable Lars experts will be at your disposal and ready to answer any of the questions you may have regarding the exact specifications of different showers that we carry in our store in San Diego.

      House of Rohl distinguishes itself through its unique assembly of heritage brands that each bring a distinct story, design philosophy, and craftsmanship quality. Their commitment to offering handcrafted and meticulously designed products, such as sophisticated showers and bathroom faucets, ensures that each piece is not only functional but also a work of art.

      Yes, House of Rohl is dedicated to sustainability and offers a range of eco-friendly bathroom faucets and showers in San Diego. These options are designed to reduce water usage without compromising performance, featuring advanced technology like low-flow rates and water-saving aerators.

      Look no further than Lars Appliance Showroom! We are a locally owned business, located in the Kearny Mesa Community, just a short drive from Mission Trails Regional Park, and our appliances are available across the entire San Diego area, and beyond. Here is what we have in store for you:

      Give us a call today and let us help you equip your bathroom with durable and beautiful bathroom faucets and fixtures. Together, we can make this happen with zero hassle!

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