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    Dependable ASKO Appliances in San Diego

    Whether you have decided to remodel your kitchen or upgrade your bathroom, you can fully rely on Lars Appliance Showroom to help you find the right units for your household. Our experts possess nearly three decades of experience in this field and will introduce you to the ins and outs of different brands and their unique features. It’s time to take your home design to the next level by investing in reliable and long-lasting ASKO appliances.

    ASKO appliances boast a long tradition

    ASKO appliances started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, with an innovative young man’s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to make her life easier. Today, more than 65 years later, ASKO is a Swedish brand that is inspired by Scandinavian values such as functionality, minimalistic design, lasting quality, and environmental responsibility. As ASKO’s journey started with a washing machine, it continued to evolve when they created the first dishwasher in 1967. Less than a decade later, the first tumble dryer was created in 1975. From that moment on, ASKO has kept on enriching its appliance catalogue.

    Experience the broad offer of excellently crafted appliances

    If you’re searching for the best ASKO appliances near you, Lars Showroom will surely sweep you off your feet. Here in San Diego, we offer a full range of ASKO dishwashers and laundry appliances, including unmatched ASKO washers and dryers. This reputable brand takes great pride in their machines that meet the highest demands in design, function, durability and environmental awareness. ASKO appliances wash cleaner, use less water and energy, and are built to last.

    What’s the secret of ASKO’s success?

    ASKO has successfully combined functionality, sustainability, and modern lines that are the principal hallmark of Scandinavian design. The fundamental idea is that carefully designed products should increase people’s quality of life. To distinguish themselves from a market of cluttered, complex and voluptuous designs, ASKO aims for soft, humanistic minimalism based on the principle of quiet being the new loud.

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      Frequently asked questions

      The top-selling appliances in the San Diego area and beyond include the unmatched ASKO dishwashers, dryers and washers, and these are the features that set them apart from the rest:

      ASKO dishwashers:

      • Stainless steel finishes
      • Excellent loading capacity
      • Noise-reducing motor
      • Flexible racks
      • LED interior light and status light
      • Outdoor dishwasher option

      ASKO washers:

      • Come in various colors
      • Energy-efficient design features
      • Aqua block systems to avoid leaks
      • Super rinse removable lifters
      • Auto dosing systems

      ASKO dryers:

      • Sensi-dry system that determines the length of drying time required
      • Energy-efficient design
      • Butterfly drying
      • LED light
      • Long-lasting motors

      ASKO laundry appliances are made of quality steel parts and designed up to the highest standard in order to offer you years of reliable service. The company’s engineers and design specialists are constantly working to improve every component of ASKO washers and extend their service life even more.
      Here at Lars Appliance Showroom, we will be happy to introduce you to the latest technological advancements from ASKO. Our mission is to assist you in choosing the best and most durable washing machine that will fit your budget, lifestyle and your home interior design.

      ASKO brand is world-famous, so you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable appliance repair expert to maintain and service your dishwasher. On top of that, Lars Appliance Showroom prides itself on our follow-through approach to the sale.
      This means that our service doesn’t end after you’ve purchased the appliance, but it continues as long as you need us. We are always available to help you with warranty calls and any other questions you may have, even years later.

      In order to keep your ASKO appliances functioning properly, you’ll need to keep them clean and well-maintained year-round. You can either use regular cleaning supplies or opt for natural sanitizers like white vinegar or baking soda that will break down grease and layers of dirt.
      One cycle run should be enough, but if you notice that there is some residue left, feel free to repeat the process. If you have any questions, you can always request additional instructions from your Lars experts when purchasing our appliances.

      In general, ASKO appliances come with a 2-year standard warranty, and this period starts from the moment you install the appliance. When purchasing any of the ASKO appliances at the Lars Showroom, our experts will be there to answer all your warranty-related questions. They will explain to you what is included and what is excluded from the warranty, as well as inform you about your options after the expiration of the limited warranty.

      Lars Appliance Showroom has been a part of the San Diego community for many years and have become the go-to kitchen appliance sales business in the entire area. We also boast a wide offer of highly reliable laundry room appliances and have one of the richest selections of different appliance brands across California. Here is what you can find in our showrooms:

      With Lars Appliance Showroom by your side, you’ll know that you’re in safe hands. Instead of wasting your energy on reading thousands of ASKO appliance reviews, contact our experts and get the recommendation that you can trust 100%. You’ll finally be able to relax and focus on planning an exciting day trip to the Sea World, or the amazing San Diego Safari Park, while we take care of your appliance needs.

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