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    Choose Your Blanco Sink in San Diego for a European Feel

    You’ve put a lot of thought and attention into every segment and detail of your San Diego home. And if you are looking for a brand that shares your philosophy and dedication to detail, look no further than Blanco. With its peculiar combination of old-world charm and quirky modern trends, Europe has long been a source of inspiration for homeowners and designers alike, and Blanco is no exception. Blanco faucets, sinks and related kitchen fixtures may be just what you need for your home!

    Timeless solutions for your kitchen: Blanco faucets and sinks

    If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you want the space to be visually appealing and fully functional, as well as easy-maintenance, clean and tidy. Blanco offers quality solutions for the kitchen space optimized for your needs: from technologically advanced and beautifully designed sinks and mixer taps to various waste separation systems, the indispensable elements of the modern kitchen.

    Careful design for enhanced functionality

    The designer team over at Blanco focuses on upgrading the functionality of its products without diminishing its appeal in terms of design. From sinks and accessories to mixer taps and faucets, Blanco combines practicality and precision to maximize the functionality of your kitchen fixtures and help you better organize your kitchen space. How about a sink or mixer tap inside your kitchen island, or a space-saving corner sink? With Blanco, you’ll cook with passion and love every moment you spend in your kitchen.

    Quality that you can feel in the long run

    For many of us, a house remodel, even if we are remodeling and redesigning a small segment of our homes, is a project into which we put a lot of time, effort, money and energy. We approach it with meticulous attention to detail because we want everything to be just right. That’s what’s so great about Blanco: they make products built to last, products that boast exquisite design and durability at the same time.

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      Frequently asked questions

      Which kitchen sink would suit your home best depends on you and your preferences in terms of style, design, material, finish, etc. Blanco is an excellent choice if you know exactly what you want, and even if you do not have any preferences. They have solutions to match your vision:

      • Open plan kitchen space,
      • Small kitchens with a minimalist approach,
      • Industrial-style kitchen,
      • Urban, concrete-style kitchen,
      • Country house-style kitchen,

      or something else entirely? Blanco delivers!

      Blanco promises sink durability that will match the life expectancy of the rest of the kitchen, regardless of the sink type and material.
      Blanco stainless steel sinks can last a whopping 40 years. They are also resistant to rust and not easily damaged. The sinks are also simple to clean, maintain and polish to their full shine.
      Their granite sinks are in high demand due to their heat resistance, as well as resistance to cracks, scratches, chips and other forms of damage that homeowners fret about. You will have a variety of colors to choose from but you won’t have to worry about fading and discoloration. The Silgranit PuraDur granite sinks also have an antibacterial effect on account of a patented hygiene protection formula.
      Blanco’s classic ceramic sinks are durable and robust. They are made from natural materials that are resistant to heat and discoloration.
      The Lars Appliance Showroom associates will gladly share optimal care and maintenance instructions with you so you can make the most of your Blanco purchase.

      Blanco sinks are made from highly durable materials, such as:

      • Granite (Silgranit),
      • Stainless steel,
      • Ceramic.

      We will share maintenance and care guidelines that facilitate cleaning and maintenance of your Blanco products.

      Blanco kitchen sinks, faucets and mixer taps are precision-engineered in Germany. The company is the biggest German manufacturer that boasts a long and successful tradition in the industry, both in Europe and in the global market.

      Feeling inspired by the eateries of Convoy Street or Little Italy? Want to take your culinary adventures to the next level? Upgrade your San Diego kitchen with modern appliances and kitchen fixtures that combine superior functionality and innovative design. Blanco kitchen faucets and sinks definitely fit the bill and offer clever, sustainable solutions for the ultimate contemporary kitchen, as do all the other brands that Lars Appliance Showroom carries. Our offer includes:

      Cove dishwashers to help make the kitchen spotless fast, and so much more!

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