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    Have you always wanted to have a well-equipped outdoor kitchen? We are here to make your dream come true. Lars Appliance Showroom boasts a wide selection of top kitchen appliances, including the amazing Lynx outdoor kitchen set-ups that San Diego residents simply love. Visit us at our appliance center, and explore top-notch Lynx outdoor grills, fridges, ovens, ice makers, and much more.

    How did it all start?

    In 1996, a small group of visionaries had spent more than 30 years building commercial-quality stainless steel equipment for restaurants. At one point, they decided to try something new. This idea was to apply the same high standards, premier materials, skilled craftsmanship, and never-ending innovation to the world of outdoor cooking.

    Where are they now?

    From the moment Lynx products have appeared on the market to the present day, this brand has continued to grow and advance, getting highly positive reviews including the one stating “the world’s greatest grill.” Today, this is one of the best selling brands in the U.S, and you can purchase it here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego.

    Find out what makes Lynx outdoor grills so special

    If you want to buy a top-of-the-line Lynx grill for your outdoor kitchen, you’re at the right place. You can choose a built-in or freestanding grill, or go a step further and explore the smart grill series. They come with an app for your phone that shows the temperature of the grill, tells you when it’s time to flip or remove food, and much more.

    Lynx outdoor grills are equipped with numerous special features, including a trident infrared burner, ceramic burner, seamless welded construction, heat stabilizing design, hot surface ignition, expansive grilling surface, rotisserie system, ceramic radiant briquettes, smoker box, integrated illumination, hood assist, and similar.

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      If you live in San Diego or any of the surrounding areas, visit Lars Appliance Showroom and discover what other appliances Lynx has in store for you:

      Top-notch Lynx outdoor ovens. If you want to upgrade your outdoor cooking experience, the Napoli Outdoor Oven is exactly what you’re looking for. It can be built into your outdoor kitchen or placed on a countertop or freestanding cart. The oven is capable of baking at 700°F and hides an authentic refractory mortar dome beneath its elegant exterior. With this supreme technology, you’ll learn how to cook like a real master chef in no time.

      Sophisticated outdoor cooktops. Asado Cooktop is a specialty cooktop by Lynx. This flat-top grill lets you expand your cooking options. You can fry rice, or make crepes, and satisfy whatever gourmet craving you may have.

      High-quality Lynx outdoor smokers. They are precisely designed to allow meat and fish to be tender in texture and achieve deep rich flavors. This is exactly what your San Diego outdoors kitchen needs for its final touch.

      Super-practical Lynx outdoor side burners. They are an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen. If you are adding extra dishes and need more space to cook, side burners are a great solution. We have them in various sizes, so you’ll easily fit them in your outdoor kitchen space. 

      Fantastic Lynx warming drawers. They come in handy when you are cooking and still have other items to be made. Place your freshly cooked food in one of these drawers and it will stay warm until you are ready to serve. These can be scattered throughout your outdoor kitchen.

      On top of that, Lynx outdoor fridges, wine coolers, and ice makers will definitely add more convenience to your beautifully designed San Diego outdoor kitchen. Additionally, if you want to invest in quality outdoor heaters, Lars experts are at your disposal, ready to help you choose the outdoor products that match your particular needs.

      When you decide to commit to your outdoor kitchen remodel, Lynx will have you completely covered.

      How much you should spend on your new Lynx grill will mostly depend on your budget and your needs. However, keep in mind that the cheapest ones are rarely high-quality, and their maintenance can end up costing you an arm and a leg. Instead of searching for an inexpensive grill, you should be looking for the one that will get you your money’s worth.
      Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we have a variety of models available in different price ranges. Our experienced pros will be there to help you find the right product that matches all your requirements

      Keeping your outdoor Lynx grill well-maintained and clean will ensure it stays in good shape and serves you well for years to come. Bear in mind that even though these cutting-edge grills are made of supreme quality stainless steel, you shouldn’t use too harsh cleaning solutions. It’s best to stick to some milder products and closely follow the cleaning instructions from the manual that came with your grill.
      We take great pride in our follow-through approach, making sure that our service doesn’t end after the sale. This being said, whatever question you may have about cleaning your grill or maintaining any other Lynx appliance, don’t hesitate to ask us. Our friendly appliance specialists will be happy to help.

      If you are searching for the best Lynx outdoor grills, refrigerators, smokers, cooktops, or some other delightful Lynx products, visit our well-equipped showroom in San Diego. In addition to Lynx kitchen appliances, we are a direct seller of other renowned brands. Here is what you can find in our store:

      Ready to shop? Reach out to us today and equip your outdoor kitchen with the best Lynx products.

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