Top Additional Features of Beverage Refrigerators

October 29, 2021
What special features do beverage coolers have

Homeowners often think that picking out a beverage cooler is a walk in the park. It needs to keep your drinks cool and that’s about it, right? Actually, picking out a beverage refrigerator that matches your needs isn’t nearly as simple as it may seem. 

As soon as you start exploring Perlick wine refrigerators and other quality units in San Diego, you’ll realize how many differences there are between them. Sure they need to provide reliable refrigeration, but apart from this key function, these appliances possess many other features that have to be considered. 

Read on to find out what cutting-edge features you can look for in your new appliance. 

What special features do beverage coolers have?

Apart from looking for a model with excellent temperature regulation and a quality compressor, which will minimize the noise the refrigerator produces, your unit may be equipped with other interesting features:

  • Do beverage coolers have any safety optionsLED lights: Showcase your collection in all its glory with a set of interior LED lights. Since they don’t produce heat the way other bulbs do, so your wine will be safe.
  • Tempered glass: Because it’s stronger than normal glass, you can rest assured that your bottles won’t break even if the refrigerator is accidentally hit. 
  • Tinted glass: This feature helps preserve the beverages by keeping UV light out. Plus, it has a classy, distinct look. 
  • Thermopane glass: Doors made from this material feature a layer of air in between the panes. This makes them especially resilient. They’re also less prone to condensation.
  • Anti-UV glass filters: Top-performing wine refrigerators feature this sophisticated solution to UV radiation, which could otherwise cause the wine to spoil.
  • Carbon filters: They are designed to protect your wine from the impact of unpleasant odors and have to be regularly changed every few months.
  • Reversible doors: Having the option to change the direction the door will open can come in handy and it’s available in some models.
  • Separate zones: Since different types of wine require different storage temperatures, dual zone refrigerators are made to house them at the same time.
  • Smart technology: Leading models on the market can be app-controlled, maximizing your convenience. 

Do beverage coolers have any safety options?

It’s important to think of safety, especially if you have a valuable collection of exquisite wines and if you have young children or teenagers at home. This is why the best manufacturers have come up with practical anti-theft features, which will keep your wines tightly secured under lock and key. With these practical options, no one will be able to get their hands on your wine.

Who sells stylish Perlick wine refrigerators in San Diego?

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You’ll finally be able to keep your wine at a precisely regulated temperature without worrying about it aging too quickly or losing its distinctive flavor and aroma. Your new model will be easy to maintain and it will match the style of your space wherever you place it.

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