Your Guide to Wine Storage

October 29, 2021
When is it time to consider upgrading my wine storage

Are you a wine connoisseur whose heart skips a beat at the thought of a fine vintage? If you have a growing collection, it’s only natural for you to be thinking about upping your storage game. After all, your wine will stay in mint condition only if it’s stored properly.

Read on to get a better idea of whether you’d benefit from adding a wine cellar to your property. Depending on the size of your collection, a spacious and durable Marvel wine coolers in San Diego could offer everything you need.

When is it time to consider upgrading my wine storage?

Do I need a wine cellar or a wine refrigeratorStoring wine adequately contributes to its longevity and preserves its taste. For someone who only enjoys an occasional glass of wine, a wine cellar is a waste of resources. This type of casual wine drinker could usually benefit from owning a wine refrigerator of smaller capacity. For example, a cooler that can hold between 6 and 12 bottles would probably do the trick. There are built-in models as well as free-standing options to be placed on the counter.

If you’re a wine lover who pops a bottle pretty regularly and you have a collection of 20, 30, or more bottles, look into more spacious refrigerators. They can be free-standing models or built-in units that seamlessly blend in with your outdoor dining area, kitchen, or wet or dry bar. 

Finally, there are homeowners who need a whole space dedicated to this passion of theirs. If you’re getting very serious about expanding your collection and find yourself investing more and more to keep it growing, it may be time to level up to a wine cellar. 

Do I need a wine cellar or a wine refrigerator?

If you intend to age your wines for ten years or longer, a wine cellar is probably a better choice because of its consistent humidity levels. However, your cellar has to be well-built to preserve your wines properly. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning on drinking all of your wines in the next couple of years, there’s probably no need for a cellar. Your cooler will maintain that perfect temperature for the bottles to stay protected. 

There’s always the possibility of using a combination of the two. For example, you can build a small-scale cellar for the bottles you want to preserve and also buy a top-performing refrigerator for the other part of your collection.

Does a wine cellar need to be refrigerated?

A wine cellar has to provide a steady temperature of 55 to 58°F and a humidity of 50 to 70 per cent. There are cooling systems that are especially designed to create these conditions, which makes them perfect for these spaces. Basement wine cellars sometimes provide the ideal conditions for this purpose naturally and may not require refrigeration. 

Where can I buy quality Marvel wine coolers in San Diego?

Does a wine cellar need to be refrigeratedA wine collection is a precious thing, especially if you’ve spent years amassing it or even went through the trouble of importing it from abroad. Here at Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances Showroom, you can select a stable and durable beverage refrigerator that can protect your possessions from harm. 

We’ll gladly answer your questions about wine refrigerators, what techniques to use to maintain your unit, and walk you through the special features of the models you like. You can also choose other superior appliances for your home, such as standard refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, range hoods, microwaves, and other units.

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