Wall Oven Buying Guide: What to Look for in Your New Oven

January 26, 2022
Wall Oven Buying Guide What to Look for in Your New Oven

Enjoy cooking and entertaining? A wall oven may be for you. Wall ovens provide the roominess of a conventional free-standing range while giving your kitchen a sleek, ultra modern look. Plus, most come with large capacity and convenient features such as steam cooking and convection baking that help make preparing food easier and more enjoyable.

If you’ve decided to shop for wall ovens manufactured by leading brands, such as JennAir ovens in San Diego, consider these buying tips. They can help you get the appliance that will fit your exact requirements.

What should I look for when buying a new wall oven?Where can I buy quality JennAir ovens in San Diego

When looking for a unit that will work with your kitchen seamlessly, you need to consider multiple aspects and identify the best solution for several challenges. Whether you pick a wall oven or a standard range, you’ll need an appliance that meets your requirements in terms of maintenance needs, capacity, versatility, appearance, and more. 

Here are a few important factors to take into account.

  1. Electric or gas: This choice will mostly come down to the kind of connection you have and your individual needs. Wall ovens are usually electric, so these models will be easier to find.
  2. Capacity: Measure the space you have at your disposal and assess your needs before determining the right size for your appliance. While most wall ovens are 30 inches wide, many homeowners choose double wall ovens to maximize their cooking efficiency.
  3. Self-cleaning: There are several self-cleaning features that wall ovens could possess. For example, there’s pyrolytic cleaning, which means that the oven heats up to very high temperatures to eliminate dirt. Catalytic liners are another effective option. These liners collect dirt, which can then be removed by heating the oven up. 
  4. Door styles: With the addition of multiple layers of glass, your oven door remains cool and doesn’t pose a safety hazard. There are now also different styles of doors in addition to the standard pull-down ones. For example, you can get side-swing or double side-swing doors.
  5. Additional features: Modern wall ovens come with different extra features, depending on the model and the manufacturer in question. For example, a roast probe is a handy addition that can help you determine when your meat is done. Or, you could select an oven with telescopic shelf holders, so you can extend the shelf when you open the door. Also, modern steam ovens help you prepare healthy meals, reduce cooking time, and keep your food juicy and tender. Convection ovens maintain a steady temperature thanks to a fan that circulates hot air, which allows for more even cooking. Finally, you can purchase a time-saving speed oven, which has the capacity to cook food ten times faster than a standard oven.  

Once you’ve selected the right list of features for your new appliance, you can start browsing the latest models available at local showrooms. If you make sure that it’s installed correctly, you’ll likely have a unit that will last for years to come.

What should I look for when buying a new wall oven

Where can I buy quality JennAir ovens in San Diego?

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