Wall Oven Installation: Common Questions & Myths

January 26, 2022
Can I install a wall oven myself?

Correct wall oven installation is an important part of ensuring the appliance lasts for years to come without having serious issues. Wall ovens are heavy appliances, and if not installed correctly in your wall or cabinet, they won’t function the way they’re intended. When deciding to purchase one of the sophisticated Miele ovens in San Diego, you should think about proper installation practices. 

If you’re wondering whether this new appliance can be built into a wooden cabinet or installed under a counter, how much insulation it requires, and whether you can set it up yourself, read on. You’ll find out how to ensure the full functionality of your new unit.

Does a wall oven have to be built into a cabinet?Can a wall oven be placed in a wooden cabinet  

The placement of your wall oven is very important when it comes to ensuring safety and maximum performance. These appliances are exclusively intended to be installed in a cabinet or built into a section of the wall. This way, you make sure that it’s close enough to the power outlet. You should avoid placing it on the counter or the floor. This isn’t how it’s meant to function and you can’t expect favorable results.

Can a wall oven be placed in a wooden cabinet?

If the plywood that your other cabinets are crafted from is resilient to heat, the opening for your wall oven can be made from this very same material. This will make the oven safe to use, without running the risk of damaging the surrounding cabinets.

Can a wall oven be installed under the counter?

Yes, contrary to what the name suggests, wall ovens can be built into a base cabinet or kitchen island. They can safely be installed under a cooktop too, creating a kitchen setup similar to that featuring a range.

Do wall ovens need insulation?

Ovens that meet modern safety standards already have built-in insulation that keeps the heat inside, disabling it from traveling outward and heating up the surrounding cabinets. This means you don’t have to worry about insulating around it if the oven works properly and the material of the cabinet can withstand some heat.

How much space should be between wall and wall oven?

Does a wall oven have to be built into a cabinet

When it comes to clearance required by a wall oven, the standard rule is to leave 3 inches between the wall and the oven. You’ll find this information in most wall oven installation manuals. Professionals are already familiar with these requirements and they’ll include them in your plans while redesigning your kitchen. 

Can I install a wall oven myself?

You shouldn’t attempt to install your appliance yourself if you don’t have relevant training and experience. If you try going the DIY route and something goes wrong, you may get hurt or your appliance may not work properly.

How do I find stylish Miele ovens in San Diego?

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