Wall Oven vs. Range: Which One to Choose & Why

January 26, 2022
Where can I purchase stylish Fisher & Paykel ovens in San Diego

Every kitchen remodel calls for either a new wall oven or range that will allow you to cook delicious food effortlessly. While they’re both used for cooking, there are some key differences between the two products. If you explore the benefits of each, you’ll be more likely to choose a top-quality appliance that matches your unique requirements. 

Before you start exploring the selection of Fisher and Paykel ovens in San Diego, it’s advisable to get to know which of these models to go for. The decision is completely up to you and should be based on your specific needs. Take a look at the rundown of the biggest perks each can provide.

 Wall Oven vs. Range Which One to Choose Why

Wall oven or range: which is better?

It’s impossible to say which of these cooking appliances is better because it all depends on your particular needs and preferences. Read on to take a closer look:

  • Ease of access: Because of their height, most people find wall ovens to be more practical. They’re at eye level, so you’ll have no problem getting your hot casserole out of a wall oven. This also makes it less likely for the user to suffer a burn.
  • Aesthetic appeal: One of the major perks of having a sleek wall oven installed in your kitchen is that it creates a streamlined, modern appearance. While ranges also come in a range of beautiful models, wall ovens still offer the most seamless look. However, Fisher & Paykel has a selection of contemporary, professional, and classic ranges that could fit many different styles as well.
  • Range of features: When it comes to the number of features they may possess, both types offer the same variety, but in different aspects. For example, wall ovens can have different door styles, like pull-down, side-swing, and double side-swing doors. On the other hand, it’s easy to find both electric and gas ranges while wall ovens are typically only electric. 
  • Size: Ranges are typically 24, 30, 36, 48, or  60 inches wide, with only the biggest of these offering the convenience of having two whole ovens at your disposal. On the other hand, a single wall oven is 30 inches wide, but many homeowners opt for the added practicality of double wall ovens, which offer twice as much cooking capacity.
  • Maintenance: Both wall ovens and ranges can be successfully cleaned and maintained if you use some practical tips.

Overall, there are no right and wrong answers here as leading brands craft both types of ovens following rigorous standards. The key is to think about your priorities and look for the appliance that matches them most closely.

Wall oven or range which is better

Where can I purchase stylish Fisher & Paykel ovens in San Diego?

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