A Guide to Positioning Your Wine Refrigerator

September 30, 2021
Can I use my wine or beverage cooler outdoors

A sturdy, top-performing beverage refrigerator is a great addition to any home. By purchasing one of the best Zephyr wine coolers in San Diego, you’ll get to enjoy multiple benefits, from great energy efficiency to seamless temperature regulation.

However, picking a model that’s just right for you is only one piece of the puzzle. To ensure smooth functioning and maximum longevity, you should also place the unit properly. Keep reading to find out how to position your new appliance to have it last for a long time.

How does location affect the type of wine refrigerator I should buyCan I use my wine or beverage cooler outdoors?

Beverage refrigerators fall into one of the two general categories: indoor and outdoor. If you want to place it in your outdoor dining area, deck, or patio, you’ll need to select a model that is designed for outdoor use. These units have to be extra resilient, so their exteriors are usually made from stainless steel and their doors consist of three glass panes. It’s really handy to have a beverage cooler next to the grill when you’re entertaining, so consider this option if you love throwing big get-togethers by the pool.

How does location affect the type of wine refrigerator I should buy?

The kind of beverage refrigerator you’ll purchase depends on where you wish to put it. Firstly, it’s important to decide whether you need an indoor or outdoor unit. Outdoor models are made to withstand the effects of the elements. Indoor models also have to meet their own standards and performance testing requirements.

Next, beverage coolers can be either built-in or free-standing units. You should decide whether you’re looking for a stand-alone element or a unit that’s a part of your kitchen island or countertop. Built-in models save space and can be a great option for smaller kitchens. On the other hand, free-standing units may offer more storage space.

How much space do I need between the wine cooler and the cabinet?

If you decide on a built-in beverage refrigerator, it’s essential to leave enough room at the back and on the sides of the appliance to allow for adequate ventilation. Without ventilation, it won’t be able to operate properly because its temperature regulation will be compromised. This could lead to longer running cycles and higher electricity bills.

As a rule of thumb, there should be about an inch or at least half an inch of space between the sides of the unit and your cabinets. When it comes to the distance between the back wall and the appliance, it should be at least two inches.

Where do I purchase durable Zephyr wine coolers in San Diego?

How much space do I need between the wine cooler and the cabinetHere at Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances, you’ll get to see a wide variety of high-quality beverage coolers made by the best brands in the industry. Lower your energy consumption and get suitable storage for your exquisite wines by choosing a model created by Zephyr, Fisher & Paykel, Perlick, or Smeg.

Let us know what size, capacity, and style you need, and our staff will suggest the best option for you. We can also give you correct directions for caring for your unit, help you find the additional features you’re looking for in a cooler, and respond to your concerns and questions about refrigeration.

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