Beverage Refrigerators: Common Questions & Answers

September 30, 2021
Is it normal for the temperature inside a wine cooler to fluctuate

A beverage refrigerator can be a fantastic upgrade to any home, especially if you love unwinding with a glass of wine and if you frequently have guests over. Picking out the best unit for your household may be tricky, but you can choose a suitable model if you browse Zephyr beverage coolers in San Diego. However, even after you’ve settled on a unit you like, new questions may pop up.

When you finally place your brand new unit in your kitchen and start stocking it with delicious drinks, some things you notice could cause you to worry. Is the temperature right? What’s the weird smell coming from the inside of the refrigerator? Is the unit noisier than normal?

Read on to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about wine and beer refrigerators so you know exactly what’s going on.

Is it normal for the temperature inside a wine cooler to fluctuate?

Yes, it’s generally perfectly acceptable for a unit’s temperature to vary within the range of 5 to 6°F. The temperature of your beverages will still remain stable because liquid warms up more slowly than the surrounding air inside the unit. The temperature of the drinks will only change about 1 to 2°F over a longer period of time. You can prevent fluctuations and maintain a more consistent temperature by filling up the unit with bottles.

Is it normal for my wine cooler to run more often than my refrigeratorIs it normal for my wine cooler to run more often than my refrigerator?

This is also a completely normal occurrence. A standard refrigerator turns on and off at longer intervals, which help it reduce energy consumption. The temperature inside it can fluctuate by about 5 degrees up and down without compromising the quality of the food that’s stored inside. Compared to most foods, wine has to be stored at a much steadier temperature. This is the reason why your wine cooler needs to turn on more frequently.

Why might a new wine cooler have a strange smell?

Noticing a weird smell coming from inside of your new beverage cooler may be disconcerting, but it’s actually nothing to worry about. This can happen when the smell of new plastic is combined with stale air. However, this odor shouldn’t persist. When you turn on the appliance and the air begins to circulate, it should disappear after a while. To help it along, you could try wiping the interior with a clean cloth and a mixture of baking soda, mild dish detergent, and water.

Do beverage refrigerators make a lot of noise?

While some noise is perfectly fine, very loud noises could be a cause for concern. Your beverage refrigerator should only produce a gentle hum, not much noisier than a regular refrigerator. If you find the level of noise suspicious, you should definitely address it because it could be a sign of a malfunction.

Why might a new wine cooler have a strange smellWhere can I buy top-quality Zephyr beverage coolers in San Diego?

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