Your Guide to Refrigerator Placement

August 19, 2021
Where in San Diego can I buy excellent refrigerators for sale

Are you planning a kitchen remodel but you’re struggling to work out the layout? Professional home remodelers can help you design the kitchen of your dreams, but it’s also helpful if you know a few things about placing different elements properly. After all, the position of your refrigerator, cooktop, and sink will shape the way you use the space.

If you’re renovating your kitchen in San Diego and looking for the best refrigerators for sale, you must be thinking about how you’ll place your new unit. This is one of the most important elements of kitchen design, which should be given enough attention before you finalize your remodeling plans. Continue reading to learn where your refrigerator should be placed and how to position it if your kitchen is small.

Where should a refrigerator be placed in a kitchen?

Although the position of your refrigerator is totally up to you, there are some things that simply make sense and prove to be functional layouts. Space and other constraints may prevent you from following all of these tips, but incorporating at least some of them may prove to be helpful:

  • Where should a refrigerator be placed in a kitchenKeep the refrigerator away from heat sources: The heat produced by the cooktop, oven, or a radiator could reduce the energy efficiency of your refrigerator or even damage it. Exposure to heat makes the appliance work overtime to keep the temperature inside low.
  • Place it as close as possible to the island: This placement makes it easier for you to reach for the ingredients stored inside while you’re preparing your meals. It also means you’ll keep the door open for a shorter amount of time, reducing the changes in the temperature.
  • Make sure the door isn’t in the way when open: Can you open the door without blocking access to other useful surfaces? If the counters are to the unit’s left, its door should open to the right to allow for easy access while you’re cooking.
  • Allow for adequate ventilation: Every refrigerator needs ventilation to keep operating properly. Make sure you know what type of ventilation your unit needs and leave enough room to let it cool down and continue running smoothly.
  • Consider the kitchen work triangle: This concept dictates that the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop should be close enough to be functional. Although it isn’t applicable to all kitchen layouts, it’s often helpful to imagine an invisible line between these elements and see if their distance works for you.

How do you keep a fridge in a small kitchen?

How do you keep a fridge in a small kitchenThis depends on the exact configuration of your space. However, probably the most popular and effective method used these days is to get a built-in refrigerator that blends in seamlessly with your counters. You can recess it into the wall to make the most out of the available space. If the dimensions of your kitchen are particularly tiny, you could consider a compact, under-the-counter model. 

Where in San Diego can I buy excellent refrigerators for sale?

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