A Guide to Choosing the Color & Finish for Your Refrigerator

August 19, 2021
Should a refrigerator match other appliances

When it comes to appliances, it’s all about performance, durability, and the warranty period… or is it? While these features should certainly be everyone’s top priority, there’s something to be said for striking colors and beautiful finishes. When picked right, these elements can truly elevate the overall style of your home.

If you’re remodeling your home in San Diego, you may be browsing top-quality refrigerators in search of one that’s just right for your new kitchen design. This can be a long and difficult process because you may wonder how to make sure that the appliance blends in seamlessly. To find out how to pick the best finish and color for your refrigerator and match it to the rest of your kitchen, read on.

What finishes do refrigerators come in?

What finishes do refrigerators come inMost top-tier brands manufacture refrigerators in two basic types of finishes: shiny and matte. Shiny exteriors have a glamorous, eye-catching look to them. They’re a more conventional choice and typically fit in better with traditional interior design styles. Because they reflect light, they’re a great addition to small spaces. However, they may have to be cleaned more frequently because smudges show on their glossy surfaces.

On the other hand, matte models look smooth, trendy, and contemporary. They’re usually the preferred option of homeowners who love modern design. They’re also more stain-resistant than their shiny counterparts. However, their surfaces may require more specific maintenance or special cleaning products.

What is the best finish for a refrigerator?

This is impossible to say without knowing more about your taste and needs. For example, if you have young children, you’re most likely to go for a shiny finish that’s easier to clean. If you’re a fan of modern interiors, you’ll probably do well with a sleek, matte model. It all comes down to your preferences. If you have trouble deciding, you can always consult a professional and drop by a well-stocked showroom to browse appliances first-hand.

Should a refrigerator match other appliances?

In general, your appliances should be compatible in finish and color. If you aren’t replacing all of them at this time, your choice of new units will be limited by the ones you already have. However, if you’re in the mood for playing around, you could even try mixing matte and shiny finishes to see how you like it. There are few hard and fast rules when it comes to interior design. After all, you’ll be the one inhabiting this environment you’re creating, so you have the final say.

What is the most popular refrigerator color?

What is the most popular refrigerator colorIn the last decade or so, stainless steel has dominated the kitchen appliance landscape. However, recently, we are seeing the resurgence of more color options including *gasp* white! White finishes have come a long way from their past reputation as boring or basic. It’s a timeless classic that remains popular to this day because it’s versatile and it can fit a wide variety of styles and tastes. You can find it in a matte or shiny finishes and some manufacturers even offer a variety of hardware options for handles. Additionally, different finishes in black and dark gray tones are also more widely available, especially in modern interiors.

Where in San Diego can I find durable refrigerators?

Here at Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances Showroom, we have a wide assortment of top and bottom freezer refrigerators in various shades and finishes. You can also explore our selection of trendy side-by-side models as well as top-performing French door units that will elevate the design of your kitchen and bring you more energy efficiency.

Pick the best addition for your home in Rancho Bernardo or another part of San Diego. Then find a suitable spot for it in your brand new kitchen, and enjoy its helpful, contemporary features for years to come. We’d love to help you reach your decision!