How to Buy the Best Microwave

September 30, 2020
When should I buy a microwave

Every appliance has a lifespan, and the microwave is no different. So, if you’ve started noticing lately that your microwave is not operating normally, perhaps it’s time for you to visit your trusted kitchen appliances showroom in San Diego and freshen up your kitchen appliance collection.

While you’re here, you can also check out the newest refrigerator models on offer or ask the staff to help you select the best dishwasher and advise you on whether and how to match your appliances. Picking your new kitchen appliances can be a fun and enjoyable experience if you rely on the right professionals for help.

What are the signs that a microwave is going badWhen should I buy a microwave?

The average lifespan of a microwave is around ten years. However, this time may be longer or shorter, depending on several factors, including:

  • The amount of use
  • The quality of your microwave
  • Whether it has been adequately maintained over the years, etc.

To know with certainty when you should buy a microwave, you should take all the above-mentioned aspects into consideration and consult the experts. They will help you recognize the first signs that something is wrong with your microwave and help you choose a new one.

What are the signs that a microwave is going bad?

If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to replace your microwave, follow this simple guide and discover the most obvious signs telling you that your microwave is about to break down:

  • There is a burning smell coming out of it when it’s running.
  • It is heating and cooking food much slower than usual.
  • You can hear strange noises when the microwave is in use.
  • You cannot fully close the door.
  • It’s older than ten years.

While these signs may be of great help, you should bear in mind that even if your microwave is fully functional, it can still be too old for you to keep it. Older models are using significantly more energy than the new energy-efficient ones and are often much less reliable.

What should I look for when buying a microwave?

If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to replace your outdated microwave for a new one, now it’s the right moment to consider what you should be looking for when you go shopping. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Purchase a microwave that goes well with the rest of your kitchen. This doesn’t only mean that you should select the right finish and style, but also the size. You need to ensure that there is enough space for your new unit, whether you want to put it in the same place as the old one or change its location.
  • Buy tried-and-tested brands. Not all kitchen appliance brands are equally reliable, and while some of them might require you to expand your budget a bit, they will definitely give you your money’s worth. Stick to proven products, and you won’t have to fear frequent breakdowns and other inconveniences.
  • Consider the programmed settings. Apart from making sure to select a microwave that is energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, you should take its programmed setting into account as well. Think about your preferences and needs, as well as the items that you’ll use it for the most, and try to pick a unit that really works for you.

What should I look for when buying a microwaveWhere to find the best kitchen appliances showroom in San Diego & beyond?

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