12 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

November 6, 2020
12 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner cook, you need handy kitchen appliances to help you prepare delicious meals quickly and with minimum effort. However, picking out a kitchen appliance can be confusing due to the wide array of options. If you’ve ever bought the latest novelty gadget for your kitchen only to have it just sit on the shelf, learn which kitchen appliances nobody can do without and which ones aren’t worth the investment.

No matter if you’ve set out to equip your brand new kitchen or to replace some of your older appliances, follow the guide below and get only the most useful kitchen helpers. This way, when looking for, for instance, Sub-Zero appliances near your area, you’ll know exactly what to pick.

What kitchen appliances do you really need?What kitchen appliances do you really need

All homeowners find themselves attracted to a trendy appliance everybody seems to have. However, once we purchase it, it often doesn’t live up to the hype or is simply too confusing to use effectively. On the other hand, reliable and useful appliances provide welcome assistance to both pro chefs and home cooking enthusiasts.

Here is a rundown of kitchen essentials everyone should own:

  1. Refrigerator: It goes without saying that good refrigeration is a necessity of every kitchen. Find out how to pick a good refrigerator and how to tell when you need a new one.
  2. Cooktop: Nowadays, you can choose between gas, induction and smoothtops. Research the perks and downsides of each type before you make your choice.
  3. Oven: Every avid baker requires a powerful oven. Whether you purchase a single or double, under-bench or wall oven, it is an absolute must and the options in both function and price are endless.
  4. Dishwasher: Why waste time doing the dishes when a useful device can assist you? Have a dishwasher seamlessly embedded into your counter without breaking up the sleek appearance of the kitchen.
  5. Range hood: Soak up cooking smells by having a range hood installed above your cooktop. Pay attention to the proper installation of the ducts for maximum efficiency.
  6. Pressure cooker: A true life-saver, a pressure cooker prepares food at the fraction of the time it would otherwise take. It’s especially useful when you’re in a hurry but still want a healthy meal.
  7. Electric kettle: This useful appliance provides one of the easiest ways to heat up water for a cup of tea or coffee. Your water will come to the boil in no time.
  8. Food processor: Food preparation is a lot more painstaking without a dependable food processor. It helps you chop up ingredients when you’re in a rush.
  9. Blender: A top-notch blender is indispensable if you like serving your family creamy, vitamin-packed smoothies. They can also be used to make a sauce, milkshake etc.
  10. Electric mixer: A mixer is a valuable asset for everyone who loves making cake and pastries. Stand mixers are particularly popular in home kitchens now.
  11. Coffee maker: Be your own barista and savor high quality coffee at home by selecting one of the many top of the line home coffee makers available on the market. Whether countertop or a built in system, it will easily become one of your favorite kitchen investments.
  12. Toaster oven: A toaster oven is a wonderfully flexible appliance that can manage morning toast requests and cook smaller scale versions of some of your favorite items without having to heat up a large oven.

Before you’re 100 % ready to go shopping for your new appliances, you should also discover what the best finish for kitchen appliances is as well as how to choose energy-efficient appliances and electronics.

Where can I purchase the best Sub-Zero & other appliances near meWhere can I purchase the best Sub-Zero & other appliances near me?

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