New Product Spotlight: Zip Water Tap With Sparkling Water

September 12, 2022
What is the Zip Water system

If you’re looking to purchase a new kitchen appliance for your home, quality, convenience, and sustainability should all factor into your decision. When it comes to taps, there are many advantages to having sparkling water at home, including its clean, refreshing taste. While it may seem like a luxury that is beyond your reach, zip water taps are an investment worth making. It’s one of those home appliances you’ll love, as they pay off with the savings and convenience they bring to your San Diego residence. 

What is the Zip Water system?

Now that we have the Zip Water system, we can stop buying bottled water and drink straight from the tap safely. We’re not talking about regular water here. With a simple press of a button, Zip Water dispenses allows you to choose chilled, boiling, or sparkling water. 

Zip micron filters all water at a fine scale to remove contaminants down to 1/5000th of a millimeter. This highly effective water filtration system eliminates chlorine and bacteria while retaining fluoride in the water. Are ZIP taps worth it

Are ZIP taps worth it?

Aside from sleek and intuitive features, Zip water is available in several stunning finishes that can complement any kitchen design.

1. An advanced filtration system

Besides removing taste, odor, dirt, contaminants, and heavy metals like lead from water, the filter removes up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts. In other words, it has superior filtration power compared to a standard water filter jug, which effectively removes pollutants down to 1 micron, while leaving beneficial minerals such as fluoride behind.

2. Safety features

A Zip water system provides hot water at a consistent temperature of 98ºC. With this method, not only do you get a great cup of coffee in the morning, but it also ensures a safe flow of water. The safety-focused design prevents Zip taps from sputtering or heating up.

3. Sustainability 

There is a greater need for sustainability now than ever before. And by refilling reusable water bottles with pure filtered water from Zip Water, you eliminate the need to purchase bottled water. Using this system, you can meet your daily hydration requirements by drinking still filtered water or sparkling water on demand.  

Additionally, conventional water-cooling systems use up to 900 milliliters of filtered water per liter of cold, clean water. That’s a considerable amount of water and energy wasted. Instead, Zip Water uses a venting system that wastes no water to keep your water cold. Systems like these have been designed to reduce energy consumption and meet the highest environmental standards.

4. Iconic design

If you’re looking for tech-forward design, modern technology, and unparalleled durability, then you’ve come to the right place. This renowned drinking water appliance comes in a variety of designs and finishes that can match any kitchen decor, regardless of its style. No matter if your kitchen is traditional or contemporary, you can choose from timeless chrome, elegant matte black, brushed gold and nickel, and many more. Visit the best home appliance showroom in San Diego & the region

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