Bottom Freezer vs. Top Freezer Refrigerators: Which Ones Are Better?

July 8, 2021
What are the pros and cons of a bottom freezer refrigerator

The refrigerator is an essential element of every kitchen, big or small. There are few items in your house that you depend on more than this trusty appliance. When you’re browsing refrigerators to buy in San Diego, make sure you double-check everything and make a wise decision.

You’ll have to decide on the color, the style, the finish – and it gets even harder from there. The position of the freezer is one of the most important choices you’ll be making. This feature significantly affects how you’ll use your appliance. Read on to discover the differences between these models and the pros and cons of each.

What are the pros and cons of a bottom freezer refrigerator?

Why are bottom freezer refrigerators more expensiveBottom freezer models boast a series of advantages that have made them a popular choice:

  • Easier access: Since the refrigerator shelving is used more often than the freezer compartment, it’s handy that you don’t have to bend to reach for your food.
  • Better space organization: Unlike their counterparts, bottom-mounted freezers usually make use of a drawer. Since you can pull it out, it’s easier to keep track of what’s inside.
  • Flexible temperature regulation: Modern models of this kind are often equipped with additional features that help you fine-tune the temperature at which you keep certain foods.

Why are bottom freezer refrigerators more expensive?

These units generally come at a higher price than comparable top-mounted freezer options. One possible explanation is that this is because consumers pay for the added convenience that these models provide.

Apart from the price difference, they have a few other disadvantages as well. For example, you’ll still have to bend to reach the frozen food. Also, you’ll have to lift the heavy frozen items, which seniors and people with mobility problems could find difficult. Finally, the freezer may pose a safety hazard for young children if they manage to open it and get their hands on the heavy frozen goodies.

Are top freezer refrigerators more reliable?

Now onto the perks and downsides of the top-mounted refrigerator:


These models tend to be more affordable than their bottom-mounted equivalent. Since they’re more prevalent and traditional, there’s a huge selection of styles, colors, and finishes, and virtually every brand makes them. They tend to be more energy-efficient, too, which means you’ll be saving up in the long run. Because of their simpler build, they may also be considered more reliable than some contemporary, more stylized models, like French door refrigerators and spacious side-by-side units.


On the other hand, these appliances offer fewer design options, which makes them less exciting to look at. Also, they typically include fewer extra add-ons. For example, they seldom feature a water dispenser. You may have a harder time keeping track of the contents of your freezer because it has a single door instead of a slide-out drawer.

Where can I find a selection of top-performing refrigerators in San Diego?

Are top freezer refrigerators more reliableYour final decision will depend on your family’s specific needs and preferences, and having access to a variety of amazing top and bottom-freezer models does help. Here at Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances Showroom, we can supply you with refrigerators of different makes, looks, and sizes. We’ll make sure you find the appliance that fits the layout of your kitchen and has highly coveted cutting-edge features.

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