How to Protect Your Outdoor Refrigerator From Damage

July 1, 2021
How do I protect my outdoor refrigerator

The refrigerator in your kitchen works non-stop to meet your family’s refrigeration needs, but its outdoor counterpart works even harder. It’s at the mercy of summer heat and winter rain, often skipped in your regular cleaning routine, and usually taken for granted. Improper care can take its toll and produce premature wear and malfunctions.

If one of the top-performing Perlick refrigerators graces your patio in San Diego, you must be wondering what steps you should take to ensure its longevity. How will it fare in high temperatures? Is there anything you can do to help it run more smoothly? How often should it be cleaned? Find the answers to these burning questions below and keep your appliance in tip top shape.

How do I protect my outdoor refrigerator?

How often should you clean your outdoor refrigerator

When you’re shopping for a new model, choose your outdoor refrigerator wisely, particularly focusing on its strength and performance. Only refrigerators that have been specifically designed to be placed outdoors can withstand extreme weather conditions, but they have their limitations, too. Here’s how to maintain them:

  • Your unit’s performance can be affected by very low temperatures but it may also falter in the summer heat. Make sure that there’s always enough air circulation on the sides and at the back. This will reduce the strain on your appliance.
  • Also, don’t overload the unit with food that’s at room temperature. However, don’t keep it empty either – if it’s stocked with items that are already cool, this will help it keep the temperature down.
  • Have a regular defrosting and cleaning regimen. This will keep it bacteria and mold-free, ensuring that the food stored inside keeps its quality.
  • Keep an eye on the refrigerator and schedule yearly inspections and service. It’s better to get small repairs done once in a while than wait for serious problems to appear.

How often should you clean your outdoor refrigerator?

Because it’s out of sight on your patio, an outdoor refrigerator is easy to overlook during your routine housework sessions. However, letting grime and germs accumulate in your outdoor unit can be as harmful as neglecting the one in your kitchen, and can even lead to food poisoning.

Although the exact frequency depends on how much you use it, it’s necessary to clean it on a regular basis, with each 3 to 4 months being the average. You can keep it spotless using warm soapy water and a clean microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to also clean outside the unit, removing the accumulated debris and leaves.

Do you need to winterize an outdoor refrigerator?

Winterizing a refrigerator typically involves turning it off and unplugging it during the coldest months of the year. Some people also cover it, but this isn’t advisable because the cover may actually trap moisture, leading to serious issues.

However, in milder climates, this isn’t necessary. Refrigerators can comfortably operate in temperatures above 40°F, so they’re safe as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below that threshold.

Where can I buy excellent Perlick refrigerators in San Diego?

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