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    As one of the most well-equipped appliance stores in San Diego, Lars Appliance Showroom brings you the best in branded home appliances. We’re an authorized seller of the leading manufacturers in the industry, dedicated to providing products with lasting quality, excellent performance, and timeless appeal. Browse our selection.


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    As San Diego’s trusted design + build company for over 30 Years, Lars Remodeling and Design handles all types of home renovations. We’re also a direct seller of high-end home appliances in San Diego, near your area. Our carefully curated selection at Lars Appliance Showroom presents innovative and efficient home units. Work closely with our team to pick the best units for your home and enjoy an effortless buying experience.

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    Discover a vast selection of top-rated home appliances for sale near you at Lars Appliance Showroom. Located off Cabrillo Freeway in Kearny Mesa, our center features a variety of kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and other items you need for your space. Our buying process is streamlined for your convenience, so you’ll be able to explore our collection freely.

    With our help, you can shop for home appliances that align with your aesthetic and financial goals. Equip your home with ease and get technology that’s built to stand the test of time.

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      frequently asked questions

      We offer many options for major home appliances in the San Diego area, ranging from entry/mid-level to premium. The same applies to our collection of plumbing fixtures.

      At our appliance store, you can find a variety of branded kitchen appliances such as highly popular Sub-Zero refrigeration units or Lynx appliances for your San Diego outdoor kitchen. Furthermore, our collection includes high-performing bathroom appliances from well-known brands. For example, you can choose from a range of Delta faucets and bathtubs or go with a therapy bathtub from Bain Ultra in San Diego.

      Finally, as one of San Diego’s leading suppliers of home appliances, we also boast top-grade laundry appliances in the area. Some of the brands from our laundry room collection include highly efficient Speed Queen washers and dryers and top-performing Miele laundry appliances in San Diego. Of course, these are just some of the options we offer, so feel free to visit us and discover more.

      The majority of home appliances are price protected by the manufacturers, so you will pay the same price regardless of which one of San Diego’s appliance stores you visit. Plumbing fixtures are often handled in a similar way.

      Splurging a bit more on high-end home appliances from well-known brands really pays off, and here’s why. Not only do you get top-notch performance, but these appliances also come packed with innovative features and sleek designs that boost both the functionality and look of your home. And here’s a pro tip: keep an eye out for any upcoming appliance sale near you. It’s a prime chance to snag exceptional value.

      For so many reasons! Energy-efficient home appliances are always worth the investment, thanks to their lower running costs. They’re real savers, cutting down on both energy and water use. This means you’ll see a nice drop in your utility bills, and you’re doing your bit for the planet, too. Feel free to contact us for more info!

      Often manufacturers will offer an extra year warranty when installed by an authorized source (such as Lars). Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions regarding our warranties. Even years after your purchase, you can still rely on our team to help you with warranty calls.

      Yes! A lot of our clients are just replacing appliances and plumbing fixtures within their homes. Whether you contact us for a complete remodel or just need reliable home appliances in San Diego and the area, we’re here to provide a service that you need.

      Our consultants in the showroom are knowledgeable about home appliances and how they can integrate into your current space. They will ask you several important questions and retrieve information that will help in choosing the items that can be easily installed in your home.

      There are always promotions being offered, typically by certain appliance manufacturers. Our consultants can go over the offers and determine which would benefit you most based on your needs.

      Absolutely. Pricing would depend on your location in the San Diego area, the number of pieces, and any job-site limitations. Upon visiting our store and choosing your home appliances, you can discuss your options with our team.

      Since buying home appliances is a major investment that should offer long-term value, you need to make sure to pick the right equipment for your home in San Diego and the area. Here are a few suggestions that will help you make the right decision:

      1. Consider your family’s needs and lifestyle to choose units that will bring you the most functionality and make your everyday life easier.
      2. Go with efficient home appliances that will operate at optimal performance and possibly help you reduce your utility bills in the long run.
      3. Consider the style, color, and finish of your home appliances to ensure they fit into the overall design of your home.
      4. Make sure to decide on your budget, considering that this is a long-term investment that should last for years.
      5. Discuss your options with an experienced team that’s experienced in the type of model you want and the space you have.

      Here at Lars Appliance Showroom, you can find all the support and help you need to choose top-performing home appliances in San Diego. If you decide to remodel your home with us, our team will work closely with our designers and remodelers to equip your home with technology that maximizes your use of space and give you the convenience and functionality you need, handling delivery and installation, as well. Feel free to contact us or visit our showroom at any time.

      Choosing the right type of home remodel or improvement can enhance your home experience and bring more value to your property. For instance, kitchen remodels are considered to be one of the most profitable improvements, especially if you pair them with premium energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

      The same goes for bathroom remodels designed to add a spa-like feel to your home. Adding a quality freestanding bathtub can be a wonderful design statement in your home spa that will also boost your home value.

      Therefore, if you want to design your home for maximum value and comfort, feel free to visit Lars Appliance Showroom, one of San Diego’s leading home appliances stores. Together with our Lars Remodeling & Design team, we can transform your home by equipping it with lasting materials and highly durable items that will ensure you get a high ROI.

      Replacing your old home appliances with new ones before you put your home on the market in San Diego can definitely help you get a higher asking price. Working with an experienced, knowledgeable team when picking your appliances can help you make the right choice for your home, boosting its value and appeal.

      However, to ensure your appliances bring more property value, you should follow these tips:

      • Choose appliances that fit into your overall design to create a cohesive look.
      • Make sure to match the trends in your neighborhood, incorporating the same upgrades.
      • Go with elegant, neutral options that appeal to everyone rather than eccentric design statements.
      • Don’t go overboard with an overly luxurious kitchen if the rest of your home can’t match its appeal.

      Here at Lars Appliance Showroom, we offer our expert advice and opinion on the most profitable option for your home. Having worked with a great number of homeowners in the area, we know what home features are appreciated in the real estate market. Feel free to rely on our team and they’ll help you buy the best value-boosting appliances for sale near you!

      You can find a carefully curated collection of premium appliances right here at Lars Appliance Showroom, one of the most popular appliance stores in San Diego and beyond. We have more than three decades of experience in the field of home improvement and remodeling, so we’re ready to use our knowledge to your advantage.

      With us, you can enjoy a hassle-free buying process that enables you to get the products that are the best choice for you and your home. Explore a range of top-rated brands and discover innovative, luxe, and efficient home appliances for your home in the San Diego area. Visit us today!