Fall Favorites: Latest Kitchen Appliances Trends

November 7, 2022
What are trending kitchen appliances this fall

One of the joys of autumn is planning the delicious recipes you’ll make during the cooler months. Having the latest & greatest kitchen appliances will help you make preparation easy and efficient.

If you’re looking to freshen up your space this fall but don’t know where to start, make sure you check out a local kitchen showroom in San Diego. Rely on experienced professionals to show you the most desirable models on the market, equip your kitchen for the holiday season and help you organize more efficiently

What are trending kitchen appliances this fall? 

Today’s appliances are more than just functional—they’re designed to make your life easier and your cooking more enjoyable. Check out these six trending kitchen additions that are sure to elevate your cooking game.kitchen showroom in San Diego

1. Induction Ranges

Due to the growing trend towards energy efficiency and away from fossil fuels, induction ranges are expected to become even more popular over the next few years. To put it simply, an induction stovetop uses magnetic coils to heat food. When activated, an induction-compatible pot receives heat from the magnetic current generated by these coils.

While temperature is accurate, fast, and consistent, keep in mind that you’ll have to update your kitchenware as well.

2. Steam ovens

A steam oven is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In comparison to conventional ovens, they cook much faster, possessing a high level of succulence and nutritional value since they only use steam to heat food.

The majority of steam ovens are equipped with multiple cooking modes, such as convection with and without steam options, which allow them to prepare a wide range of dishes with greater versatility. Steam is one of the most commonly used steaming modes, ideal to prepare vegetables, fish, pasta and rice.

3. Ovens with built-in air fry

As long as we’re talking ovens, how about ovens with built-in air fryers? You can take your cooking to the next level with high-end ranges featuring an air fry mode. Thanks to it, baking your favorite food mitigates the need for oil.

In fact, most models come with a tray designed specifically for this purpose. This is a great tool to use for making crispy and tasty dishes. Best of all, you no longer have to use your cumbersome countertop air fryer, so you can finally free up space.

4. Smart washer & dryer

Is laundry day a hassle for you? Using smart washers and dryers will streamline your routine thanks to technology-based features. You can now connect these sophisticated appliances to your WiFi network and operate them with your smartphone. By connecting them to a smartphone app, it’s possible to keep track of cycles and settings, create fully customized cycles, and receive alerts when they’re complete.

5. Convertible wall-mount range hood

Do you have your heart set on adding something breathtaking to your kitchen design this fall? You can mount the fingerprint-resistant convertible range hood on a wall to extract excess smoke, odors, and moisture while cooking all your favorite soups and stews. In addition to its sleek, pyramid-style silhouette, the convertible range showcases an advanced venting and recirculation system.

6. Dishwasher drawers

In recent years, drawer storage has become increasingly popular in lower cabinets, and it’s also becoming more prevalent in appliances.

Dishwasher drawers give homeowners the flexibility they need for easy cleanup after meals. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, you’re sure to find one that fits your kitchen perfectly. Additionally, you can choose between stainless steel, matte white, matte black, or customized handle finishes.What is the top kitchen showroom in San Diego & the region

What is the top kitchen showroom in San Diego & the region?

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