A Simple Guide for Choosing Kitchen Appliance Style

June 2, 2020
What kitchen appliances are trending

While kitchen appliances play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen, they can also be a lovely way to elevate your kitchen decor and create an elegant look. Of course, you need to go with stylish kitchen appliances that will withstand the test of time both in terms of operations and aesthetics.

However, if you’re looking for high-end kitchen appliances near your area that will boost both the appeal and value of your kitchen, you need to consider a few important factors, including the most recent trends, different finishes, color options, etc. Knowing what kind of look you want to create can greatly help you when picking appliances for your kitchen.

What kitchen appliances are trending?What is the most popular color for kitchen appliances

You’d be surprised by the number of choices you have when it comes to kitchen appliances. From different styles and finishes to innovative models and luxe brands, you’ll have plenty of options when equipping your kitchen.

After deciding on the best way to arrange your kitchen appliances, you can consider opting for one of these hot trends in the design world:

  • Steam ovens are a great option if you want fast and easy cooking that will keep the full flavor of your food. You can find different styles and models, but you’re guaranteed to be delighted.
  • Retro kitchen appliances are one of the popular trends at the moment, enabling homeowners to create a stunning look in their kitchens. Adding a retro fridge in a conspicuous color can be a glamorous design statement in your home.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators are definitely in demand, offering a high level of convenience and functionality. Such a unit will give your kitchen a traditional, yet elegant look that will last for years.
  • Smart appliances with innovative features are another trend you can welcome into your home. Advanced kitchen appliances bring you plenty of easy-to-use customization possibilities.

What is the most popular color for kitchen appliances?

Considering color when choosing kitchen appliances will enable you to create a cohesive look that will complement the rest of your kitchen design. It will also allow you to make a design statement and express your personal taste. Here are some of the most popular color options for kitchen appliances:

  • Black kitchen appliances are a perfect choice for modern kitchens, especially if you go with stainless steel. Of course, you can experiment with different shades or go with grey, a slightly subdued option.
  • White kitchen appliances bring the minimalist appeal you’ve been waiting for. They exude style and elegance and will give your kitchen a touch of effortless beauty. Going with a glossy finish will definitely give your kitchen a lovely look.
  • Soft neutral appliances are always a great option that will never go out of style. Going with a neutral palette will help you create a warm, inviting look perfect for the heart of your home.
  • A pop of color is always welcome, especially if you’re not afraid to experiment and go bold. Colorful appliances are perfect for adding lovely accent details and giving your kitchen a unique character.

Are stainless appliances out of style?

Stainless steel has been one of the most popular finishes for kitchen appliances, offering a great number of advantages to homeowners. While there are plenty of other trendy choices, stainless steel continues to be widely popular and one of the most common options for contemporary kitchens.

Going with stainless still will bring you:

  • Easy maintenance because stainless steel can be easily cleaned and is fairly resistant to smudges, scratches, and other types of damage.
  • Resistance to germs since this type of finish is non-porous, resisting germs more effectively than plastic or wood.
  • Lasting durability because of its high level of resistance, which means that it will keep its appeal for years to come. Are stainless appliances out of style

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