A Guide to Selecting the Best Outdoor Grill

April 21, 2022
What kind of grill do I need for an outdoor kitchen

The pursuit of an ideal outdoor kitchen is a matter of function and form for every outdoor cooking enthusiast. While nothing compares to the sound and smell of a sizzling BBQ, turning up the heat with some of the industry’s favorite grills will certainly make the summer memorable. 

Lynx appliances know how to turn your outdoor living space in San Diego into a true second kitchen. Before you start browsing through a list of trending grill models, learn what makes the best ones so unique. You’ll soon be ready to invite friends over, prepare delicious meals, and make the most of your outdoor kitchen.

What kind of grill do I need for an outdoor kitchen?

As a result of many years of development, the Lynx label brings a series of grilling categories that are recognized for the aesthetics and long-lasting quality of every piece. Whether you’re designing or redesigning your outdoor kitchen, here are the top 3 grills that will top it all off:

Are built-in grills better than freestanding ones

1. Professional built-in grill with one trident infrared burner

There are few grills as highly regarded as the Lynx Professional series. Achieve even and slow cooking with a generous surface of 1,200 square inches coupled with a powerful, rotating 3-speed rotisserie. What’s more, an infrared burner heats your food with precise temperature control of 23,000 BTUs. 

2. Sedona built-in grill with three stainless steel burners & rotisserie 

When you have a refined sense of taste, perfect control is what you require most. This Sedona grill has it all. From mesmerizing illumination and the convenience of the smart hood assist system to all the little comforts that add up to a superior grilling experience. 

3. Professional freestanding grill with 3 ceramic burners & rotisserie 

With this model, you receive innovative features, unmatched efficiency, and the finest craftsmanship. It will stand up to any climate season after season with 16-gauge 304 stainless steel construction. With professional-quality performance in mind, this grill features ceramic burners that produce 25,000 BTUs of heat and an outdoor smoky flavor experience.

Are built-in grills better than freestanding ones?

Where can I purchase top-quality Lynx appliances in San Diego

When choosing between freestanding and built-in grills, remember that neither is superior to the other. The best type for you will be one that fits into your lifestyle perfectly.

Although they’re well worth their convenience, stand-alone models are less sturdy and offer fewer features, while built-in gas grills are built with high-grade materials and are specifically designed with durability in mind. As such, they must factor in style, safety, and seamless performance. Additionally, they’re a natural focal point of any entertaining space and can easily add substantial value to a home.

Where can I purchase top-quality Lynx appliances in San Diego?

With the grilling season just around the corner, it’s time to get ready by visiting Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances. We offer the residents of Pacific Beach and other parts of San Diego County a wide selection of outdoor grills produced by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, including Lynx, Wolf, DCS, and Evo. 

No matter if you’re looking to replace a broken appliance or you need assistance selecting a new grill, our friendly team is here to help. You can rely on them for expert advice on the best type, capacity, and all the benefits of a quality grill and other essentials for your home. Get in touch with us and don’t miss out on features where superior function meets beauty and durability.