Top 4 Trends in Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware for 2024

March 20, 2024
Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware for 2024

Delving into the nuances of kitchen and bathroom aesthetics reveals a landscape where every detail contributes to the overall harmony of the space. Beyond the eye-catching centerpieces, it’s the subtleties of cabinet hardware that unify and elevate the overall design. With an abundance of choices, pinpointing the ideal hardware for your San Diego home might appear challenging. Fortunately, this guide sheds light on the latest trends, and a visit to a leading kitchen showroom in the area can offer invaluable insights.

Hardware trends taking 2024 by storm

Seeking one of the premier kitchen showrooms in San Diego and its surroundings Aged Brass & Wood: 

Reviving the warmth of the past, aged brass stands out in modern interiors. This material, especially when unsealed, gracefully ages, acquiring a unique patina that adds depth and narrative to its appearance. When combined with wood finishes, from kitchen cabinets to bathroom vanities, this duo radiates timeless grace and an organic allure.

Black Matte & Marble:

Since its peak in the 1960s, black matte hardware has maintained its appeal, offering sleek sophistication. Amidst enduring favorites like chrome and brass, black matte set against marble surfaces offers unmatched elegance. This pairing not only masks fingerprints but also crafts a striking, luxurious contrast within the space.

Gold & Black:

Echoing the opulence of the Art Deco period, the fusion of gold and black hardware delivers a dramatic, sophisticated vibe that reminisces the lavishness of vintage Hollywood. Applied to both kitchen and bathroom settings, this combination enriches the area with a majestic, lavish charm.

Polished Nickel & Wood:

leading kitchen showroom in the areaFor those seeking a balance between contemporary sleekness and natural warmth, polished nickel and wood stand as the ideal companions. The reflective quality of polished nickel beautifully contrasts with the organic essence of wood, particularly with deeper tones such as Mahogany or Walnut, encapsulating refined elegance.

Seeking one of the premier kitchen showrooms in San Diego and its surroundings?

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