4 Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

June 17, 2022

The joyous moments we share around tables bring us together. Weekday breakfast, shared cups of coffee, holiday brunches, celebrating people we love. It’s in these moments that we realize how important it is to embrace life and live fully, making wholesome, homemade meals our favorite memories. Since the cooking process is a way of one’s self-expression, wouldn’t it make sense to have an outdoor kitchen that brings everything together? 

A true food enthusiast knows that an outdoor kitchen can’t be complete without high-quality appliances tailored to your needs. Luckily, all you need to do is visit your trusted kitchen showroom here in San Diego and choose the appliances that will create an unforgettable outdoor ambiance. 

Additionally, look at the newest smart home devices available or ask the staff to help you select the best kitchen faucet for your home and advise you on how to liven up your space with a few colorful appliances

What appliances are necessary for an outdoor kitchen?

Even though there is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting outdoor appliances, here are the most common ones that will provide you with a superior outdoor cooking experience:

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1. Outdoor gas grill

Every backyard kitchen needs a grill. No wonder they’re considered the heart of every outdoor space. Your cooking session will be an absolute delight with such extremely powerful products. Designed for cooking large meals quickly, its sturdy stainless-steel construction will last a lifetime if properly maintained, while the rotisserie attachment will give you versatility for multiple dishes. 

2. Outdoor refrigerator

Adding a compact outdoor refrigerator becomes a necessity for your outdoor kitchen. Unlike their indoor counterparts, they’re designed to accommodate temperature fluctuation and blend in with the rest of your appliances.

Don’t forget to check if your refrigerator has certifications, as this will give you the peace of mind that your appliance has gone through rigorous testing for quality and safety. Here are a few to look for: 

  • ETL – proof of product compliance to published industry standards for safety. 
  • UL – approves products that are physically and environmentally safe. 
  • CSA – certifies that your appliance is energy-efficient and reliable. 

3. Ice maker

An ice maker can save you time and effort all year long. This perfect kitchen accessory is designed for thermal efficiency, so the unit stays cool no matter the weather, while the stainless-steel exterior guarantees resistance and longevity. What’s best, they usually come with a cleaning mode that ensures minimal maintenance. With such great-tasting ice on hand, your guests can enjoy a signature cocktail or a simple soft drink at any time.

4. Warming drawers

Outdoor parties require keeping things cool, but what if you need to keep food warm? Although warming drawers are commonly found in traditional kitchens, they can also be a great addition to an outdoor cooking area as they offer a sophisticated touch and make cooking and entertaining a breeze.

Visit the best kitchen appliance showroom in San Diego & the area

Visit the best kitchen appliance showroom in San Diego & the area

Lars Appliance Showroom carries a broad selection of stylish and tech-forward kitchen appliances that match your tastes and lifestyle. Our products range from advanced refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, all the way to stunning outdoor kitchen appliances that will impress your guests and make your outdoor kitchen a memorable experience.

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