Using Steam Oven For the Perfect Holiday Meal

December 13, 2022
How to use steam to prepare a holiday feast

In the world of food lovers, there’s no better place than the kitchen. That is why the majority of today’s cutting-edge brands work tirelessly to improve the way we prepare our dishes and satisfy our culinary desires. Our quest for new ideas drives us forward every day, bringing food preparation to a whole new level. This is where steam cooking comes in.

Whether you want sophisticated appetizers, elaborate side dishes, or decadent desserts, choosing a Miele steam oven or another high-end brand offers you the opportunity to create memorable culinary moments for the upcoming holidays

How to use steam to prepare a holiday feast?

Steam ovens are an essential part of any kitchen. They allow you to cook everything from individual dishes to complete meals all at once, which makes them ideal for lavish holiday feasts.miele steam oven san diego

However, there are plenty of additional reasons to invest in a steam oven, including greater enjoyment, good health, and easy cleaning. 

1. Sit back and relax

Using your steam oven is easy thanks to intelligent electronics. Fully automatic cooking reduces the need to supervise the cooking process. As a result, the temperature you set stays precisely the same without having to adjust it constantly. In addition, steam ovens don’t burn or boil over food, allowing you to luxuriate during the cooking process. 

2. A range of functions available

Steam ovens range in temperature from 100 to 250°F and have a wide range of uses: 

  • Steam cooking – Most foods can be steamed at 210°F. The color, shape, texture, and taste of vegetables, soups, bakes, casseroles, beans, and pulses won’t be affected by this temperature. Also, setting the temperature between 165 and 210°F gives great results for cooking fish, while 195 to 210°F works well for meat and sausages.
  • Defrosting –  Food is defrosted slowly and evenly without burning or leaving gray spots on it. The perfect temperature for defrosting frozen food is 120-140°F.
  • Reheating – Steam ovens reheat food to its original freshness. In about 5 minutes, a meal can be reheated and served as desired.
  • Blanching – Foods are blanched at 210°F for 1-2 minutes depending on the type. Thanks to it, frozen fruit and vegetables maintain their highest quality.
  • Juicing – You can easily juice fruit for drinks and jellies using a steam oven – the juices are released as the steam softens the fruit’s cell walls.  
  • Bottling – If you want to preserve some of the food, no problem. Using modern steam ovens for bottling is quick and effortless, just follow the instructions carefully. 

Turkey on a bed of vegetables in 10 minutes

Sounds complicated, but a steam oven makes it easy. All you need is: 

  • 750g turkey filet
  • 2 leeks
  • 3 carrots
  • 200ml double cream
  • 1 tbsp cream cheese with herbs
  • Salt, pepper & curry powder

First, slice the filet into strips, season it well, and put it in a container with cream. Make sure the carrots are trimmed before cutting them into 4cm strips. Put the vegetables in the sauce and let them cook together. At the very end, thicken the sauce with cream cheese.  

Use a model with a steam pressure setting if you have one since flavors and vitamins will remain intact, while the cooking time will be cut in half. Where can I find the finest Miele steam ovens and other oven brands in San Diego

Where can I find the finest Miele steam ovens and other oven brands in San Diego?

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