Your Guide to Choosing a Cooktop That Fits Your Kitchen

December 30, 2021
How to match my kitchen design with a cooktop

Cooktops have become a popular choice for kitchen countertops in recent years. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them a versatile option for both modern and traditional kitchens. A cooktop is a great choice for busy families because it allows you to cook multiple dishes at once. It also provides more space on the countertop than a traditional stove, which can be helpful for small kitchens. 

But how do you choose a quality cooktop that matches your kitchen in San Diego in color and design? Read on to find out how to elevate the style of your kitchen with a carefully selected appliance.

How to match my kitchen design with a cooktop?

There are multiple features to consider when it comes to matching your new cooktop to the overall look of the kitchen. The exact combination of these depends on your personal preferences, but here are some general guidelines to help you get started:

  • How do I choose the best cooktop to match my kitchen in San DiegoSize: Naturally, larger cooktops take up more space, so they’re better suited to more spacious kitchens. They may look overpowering in a modestly sized space and you can still get that coveted look of a professional kitchen with a more compact appliance.
  • Color: Whether you choose a gas range or an electric cooktop, its color has to complement the whole kitchen. You’ll want to consider the cabinetry, walls, and flooring to make sure they all work together. If you have light-colored cabinetry, a dark cooktop may be too overpowering. A white or cream-colored cooktop would be a good choice for a light-colored kitchen, while a black or dark brown cooktop would be complementary for a darker color scheme.
  • Knob style: Your cooktop may have buttons that are indistinguishable from the rest of the surface or more decorative, which can fit some interior design styles particularly well. It’s a good idea to match them to the rest of the hardware in your kitchen. 
  • Matching other appliances: It’s particularly important to try and find a cooktop that doesn’t clash with the style of your range hood and refrigerator. While they don’t have to be the same color, you may want to go for a complementary one. A good way to achieve this is to choose within the same brand.

What colors do cooktops come in?

Most brands manufacture white, black, and stainless steel cooktops, so you can expect to find these in most stores. They’re considered timeless classics and fit most other appliances. This is why they’re still the go-to option for many homeowners. 

However, there’s now an emerging trend of colorful cooktops and ranges, like those that come in deep greens, royal purples, vibrant copper, or natural beige. While the more traditional options may look inconspicuous or even bland, these trendy shades will give the space that special something. They can really spruce up your kitchen and take its color scheme to the next level. 

How do I choose the best cooktop to match my kitchen in San Diego?

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