Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

March 30, 2021
How do I know what garbage disposal to buy

If you’re fed up with the food waste that lingers on after you’ve cooked a meal, garbage disposals are just what you’ve been looking for. Food waste disappears quickly and efficiently without a trace and with no effort on your part – what could be better than that? However, before you have this helpful device fitted, you’ll have to find the one that perfectly fits your requirements.

Read on to find out how to pick the best garbage disposal unit. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to go shopping for JennAir garbage disposals in San Diego. Upgrade your kitchen and boost your cooking experience with a few simple tips and tricks.

How do I know what garbage disposal to buy?

Do garbage disposals fit all sinksWhat are some factors that will influence your shopping strategy? Take a look at the most common features buyers should consider:

  • Types: The most common type of garbage disposal is the continuous feed model. It provides you with ongoing processing of food waste. On the other hand, batch-feed garbage disposals are filled in a single batch and subsequently turned on.
  • Sizes: Measure the available space under your sink. Garbage disposal units take up considerable space, so you have to make sure that the one you buy fits the space you have on your hands. As a rule of thumb, more powerful units tend to be bulkier.
  • Motors: The larger your household, the more horsepower you’ll need. Generally, if you have a smaller family (one or two members), a unit with a ½ HP engine will do. If you live in a larger household (three to six people), it’s advisable to get a garbage disposal that has an engine with up to ¾ HP.

Do garbage disposals fit all sinks?

Unfortunately, you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when picking out your garbage disposal.

Not all sinks are compatible with a garbage disposal unit. If you’re not sure how to determine whether yours is, hiring a plumber to check is your safest bet. If your sink turns out to be incompatible with garbage disposals and you’re still bent on installing one, you’ll have to replace the sink altogether.

A garbage disposal can be attached to the sink in several ways. You should find out what type of attachment your sink is equipped with and select your garbage disposal accordingly.

What is the best garbage disposal for home use?

As with most household appliances, there is no single answer to this question. It all depends on your individual needs, the size of your family, and how much time you spend in the kitchen. Think about your lifestyle and how much use you’ll get out of this appliance. Also consider the possible space and other constraints, such as the amount of unoccupied space under your sink.

If there’s anything about your garbage disposal selection that’s troubling you, contact reputable appliance experts and ask for advice.

How do I buy a quality JennAir garbage disposal in San Diego?

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