How to Pick the Best Wine Refrigerator

April 19, 2021
Is a wine refrigerator worth it

A wine refrigerator can be a great addition to any home because it enables you to enjoy pleasantly cool beverages at all times.

If you’re a wine lover, a dedicated place to store and preserve your extensive collection will be right up your alley. Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, this kind of appliance can still come in handy because you can have refreshing drinks ready for your guests any time they come over.

Check out our practical wine refrigerator buying guide and you’ll have a great time browsing the assortment of Perlick  and other wine coolers in San Diego.

Is a wine refrigerator worth it?

What size wine fridge do I needAlthough you may not consider it a necessity, a wine refrigerator can give you several cool perks (pun intended).

Firstly, this appliance is made to create the ideal conditions for your wine collection. Wine has to be kept at a steady temperature of about 55°F (which slightly varies depending on the type of wine) and the temperature inside a conventional refrigerator is typically lower than that. The stable environment inside a wine refrigerator helps keep your wine in great condition and ready for you to enjoy.

These appliances are easy to maintain and clean as they’re fairly uncomplicated. Modern wine refrigerators are also beautifully designed to give your kitchen space a luxe look and feel.

How do I choose a wine refrigerator?

Here is how to choose an appliance that will keep the precious wines from fantastic Californian wineries at an optimal temperature:

  • Assess your needs: Are you a wine enthusiast with a sizable collection or only an occasional wine drinker? This will be a determining factor in terms of the capacity and features that your refrigerator should have.
  • Measure the space available: Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you could opt for a simple freestanding wine refrigerator or a sleek built-in model that blends in with your cabinets. They can come in either a horizontal or vertical configuration.
  • Consider the temperature: Depending on the kind of wine that your collection consists of, you should pick an appliance that will keep them at the perfect temperature.
  • Think about additional features: Modern wine refrigerators boast a number of extra features, like a temperature display screen or a safety lock. Narrow down your choices based on the options you need.

What size wine refrigerator do I need?

This depends entirely on your space and needs. Wine refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 4-bottle to a 32-bottle capacity. While a 4- or 8-bottle wine refrigerator will be enough for people who only want to preserve a couple of bottles at a time while avid collectors should probably consider the more spacious models. refrigerators of all dimensions can be vertical or horizontal. The larger models feature more tiers and a more versatile range of add-ons.

Where can I browse the best Perlick wine coolers in San Diego?

How do I choose a wine refrigeratorEnjoy exquisite wines in the comfort of your home with the help of one of the quality Perlick wine refrigerators available at the Lars Home & Kitchen Appliances Showroom.

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